Bits & Pieces

1. It's been 2 weeks already and i've lost 10kg. 2 more kg to get back to pre pregnancy weight.

2. My tummy has never been flatter however, its riddled with stretch marks. ERGH!

3. Ive been looking at Tufeil so much I no longer see Zubair's features but begin to see the babe as who he is.

4. We have yet to cukur rambut (shave head). One side is saying the sunnah is to do on multiple 7 days, the other only on Wed and Fridays... Compromise: Do on Fri quite close to 7th or 14th or 21st day esp cos technically i gave birth thurs night. =)

5. Syifaa' has been screaming in pain, wailing in agony and throwing tantrum cos she's having fever. Tho Tufeil either didnt wake up or was busy enjoying his milk, i fear that he might think its ok to be crying just as loud.

6. Nothing is fair once you've become a mother. See... the father gets to go out with his friends while the mother has to stay home and feed the babe. HUMPH. i dont care i already reserved Zubair in advance to take care of Tufeil while i go for my company's Dinner & Dance next 2 Fridays. COUNTING DOWN!!

7. Its a public holiday today but it doesnt affect me in any way.

8. Oh yeah Last check up @ polyclinic saw Tufeil's jaundice a great decrease from 182 to 117. ALhamdulillah. NExt appt in 2 weeks time along with Hep B 2nd dose. ERK.

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1 glasses of Juice:

farrah said...

lol babe get used to the feeling that it's so unfair for the mum. you signed up for it! :)

next friday when you go for your dinner, you'll be counting down to coming home to your baby trust me :)