Cukur Rambut, Hospital Bill, Circumcision and Language

Fri, 17th April

Tufeil turned 3 weeks yesterday!!

and he had his cukur rambut (shave head) just now. We called the Sri Nada guy to come over to our house and paid $30 for his service. We havent weighed nor converted into gold tho. The culture in Pak would pay in Silver. He said its because guys can't wear gold. But they cant wear silver either can they?

Oh yeah and i also received the FINAL HOSPITAL BILL yesterday.

The first one came was for me. The delivery suite charges, ward, food, medicines, etc came up to S$3,570.98. But after a government grant of $1,513.60, and antenatal claim of $417.55, my Medisave account paid 100% of it and even had a balance of $238.62 due to me! Alhamdulillahhhh

But i cldnt rejoice yet until i got Tufeil's hospital bill. 1 day in Neonatal ward class B2 = $75. 5days in Special Care Nursery Class C = $1,225. Total $4,279.80. Total payable after government grant = $0.

Alhamdulillah. I am sooooooooo thankful to God I don't hafta pay anything. I was worried cos i heard a lot of pple had to pay some $3 - 4k!! But because I had gone thru the polyclinic route n got all those grants. The one and only downside of it was Husband could not room in with patient in the ward before n after delivery because it was a B2+ ward shared among 5 patients.


We have so many things to do. After the Cukur rambut, we hafta think about circumcision.

Actually i'm not totally convinced that we should get it done during his infancy ie before he starts to crawl. Although I agree that there would be less hassle doing it earlier, I feel that the boy needs to experience it when he's older and better appreciate the meaning of it.

But then again, the trend is for babyhood circumcision and i would risk making the boy feel insecure or be bullied / tormented by his peers by doing late. I know i'm thinking too much into the matter and should just get it over with.

However, the Question now is WHEN and WHERE can i do it? Then a relative said something about the Ring method will not give a nice.... hm... er... effect as opposed to thread. ERRRRR???? I have no idea, no idea at all! HELP!


Although sometimes its irritating when Zubair stopped me from speaking in Malay to Tufeil, its kinda cute that he wonders, "What if he dont know how to speak Urdu and talk to me in Malay?"

LOL. I told him to just keep talking Urdu to baby and he will understand and speak it to the right person. I gave Fara's children as example. They automatically know what lang to use to speak to which person. And he was comforted. I hope. haha.

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18 glasses of Juice:

Abid said...

"He said its because guys can't wear gold. But they cant wear silver either can they?"

Men can wear silver as long as it's not jewelry that imitates women (necklaces, earrings, etc.). Thus, silver rings, for example, are allowed for men. Google "silver ring men islam" for many fatwas on this topic from reputable Sunni websites.

Abid said...

"What if he dont know how to speak Urdu and talk to me in Malay?"

This is a glorious opportunity, actually. Your son will know both languages (Malay and Urdu), NATIVELY.

That is, he will be able to *think* in either language!

nadia said...

How about having the circumcision performed by a surgeon in the hospital setting?

Anonymous said...

I did my son's circumcision at a private clinic. Cost me less than $200. If you go to the hosp it will cost more. It's definitely much easier when they are a baby as they only drink milk and can't move. Only took my boy 7 days for the ring to drop.

Anonymous said...

hi juls. the ring method that they use for circumcision these days helps the wound heal nicely and quickly (within a week). memang tengok kesian lah but actually the baby isn't in pain and its actually kinder to do it while they are really young. we went to Crescent Clinic in Eunos cos we heard that the hospital charge about $300+. We paid $60 at Crescent Clinic.

i read that if children are proficient in any one language, its very easy for them to pick up others as they grow up, so tell Zub not to worry, as long as he speaks urdu to Tufeil as often as you speak Malay, Tufeil will be fluent in both!

Jussaemon said...

Ah... the well of info is here. hehe $60 is cheap. Thank god.

Ok ill be asking around the Approved clinics on the Bony Bonus' Panel.

I dont suppose i hafta specifically get a muslim doc to do it, do i?

Caroline said...

Regarding circumcision: have you seriously considered NOT doing it? Fewer and fewer people are doing it these days, and he will certainly not be the only kid among his peers.

Please consider reading this:

It appears you are not Jewish, but the information is still very applicable to any religious reason to circumcise.

Good luck to you.

Fara said...

Hi Jus U can get ya Tufeil's circumcise done at Crescent Clinic. He is a Pakistani Dr. Z might like it. Here is e no.67458624. N ya he charged only $60 but very professional. My son's ring came off after e 5th day.

As for lang no need to worry speak to him in all e lang, Its automatic like my girls they can switch to punjabi urdu n even switch to indonesian wen talking to e maid!


Nurulain said...

Get your baby to Talk to NISA and me and he will be so fluent in urdu already hehehhee.. congrats on your baby again and i really like his name, its like so cute and unique. I have neva heard of Tufeil before, but i like it!

By the way i need a favour from you, can pass me your email? or you can mail me at Thanks!!!

Hugh7 said...

And what is "the meaning of it"? Why not leave it until he is old enough to make up his own mind about it? Not all Muslims are circumcised, there is nothing about it in the Qu'ran and only one hadith mentions it: several others that might be expected to, don't.

Anonymous said...

It's never kind to circumcise a boy at any age. It hurts just as much when he's a baby as it does when he's older. why not let him keep the body parts he was born with and just save the money? That way you'll still have the money if he wants circumcision when he's older. My U.S. friend lived in Singapore while her father was a doctor there. She said she didn't know of any circumcisions done in the hospital or clinics. So I doubt your son will get teased or bullied as many boys are not circumcised.
Please don't cut your sweet baby.

Ashley said...

As for the language, don't worry about it. Isn't Hamzah, our cousin, a perfect example?

Anyways, kids tend to pick up everything very fast. The earlier you teach them, the faster they will pick up. Just like Syifaa'.

Anonymous said...

Ash did his at Hafiz Clinic here in CCK. But of coz Riz had his done here in Khi at the hospital where he was born.

Languages - donch worry tell Z... see wat Fara kids can do... even my kids too :)

Sue came to our place last night and Ash was watching a show, once the show ended, he came to me and said, Mama, da habes!

Sue was like, eh, dia ckp melayu kan? Even Sue's hub was like ar, he speaks Malay! hkehkhkehkehkehkehe

Mrs Z

Jussaemon said...

Wana, haha so cute ASh. PANDAI! Even then he's not very much exposed to Malay since to talk to him mainly in English n he lives in Pak most of the time!

Jussaemon said...

Long, i think Hamzah understands urdu well but when Zubair talks to him, he's very shy to reply in Urdu.

Jussaemon said...

Thank u Caroline, Hugh7, and an anonymous for ur comments. However, we're very much decided on doing it.

widzgeek said...

Jus, abt the language tu dun wurry. Budak2 lagi senang tangkap language. U just cakap mana senang for u.. they won't have any language confusion...

Btw, Iman also had his sunat the same place as Yati and tanggal on the 5th day. Alhamdulillah during the healing process no problem and dia tak meragam pun.

Anonymous said...

My 12 yr old needed circumcising due to problems, we had him done with the plastibell the op took less than 20minutes and his foreskin fell off in 11days, When we researched the web it was pain pain pain, But in reality it was a few needles he only felt the first 1 , then they cut the foreskin applied the plastibell all this happened when he was playing is small handheld console and we went home i kept i eye on him and 11days later the plastibell was in his bed when he woke up.

So take no notice of these scare tactics used by some.