The Object of My Affection -Tufeil.

Its amazing how a baby who resided in his mother's tummy, eating and drinking what she ate, shared same blood and everything could be SOOOOOOO much like his FATHER.

Apart from the physical appearance, his head smells like his father's, the way he sleeps on his tummy also like Zubair, the way he sighs when almost full is just like Z. The only thing i can claim is his facial expressions. The way he frowns, "mencebik" (lisp curled downwards). Did i tell u he has a dimple?? or maybe two. but his cleft chin seems to have disappeared (???)

But other than that, my life revolved around a 3-hour cycle of feeding, burping, changing diaper and putting the babe to sleep. Oklah.. granted its only been 2 weeks that he's been home.

I tot i could just die when baby just wouldn't sleep from 3am - 6am 2 nights in a row! He kept on crying, i kept on feeding him for 20min every hour. I also couldn't stop crying from yawning so much. But from 6am, he will sleep for 4hours, wake up for a feed and sleep again for 3hours. So basically we, the parents, also sleep thru till 3pm!! haha

He's very much a night owl. People say because he was born in the wee hours. But it was sooo frustrating that i made Zubair go and buy a pacifier. But when we tried on the babe, he seemed not to like it. Either that or he's just not used to it.

I wonder if im damaging the shape of his head by holding it for so long during feeds? it feels a bit... crooked like follows the shape of my fingers.

We still have yet to shave his head. Hopefully this fri.

Tmrw is an appt at Rehabilitation Dept @ KK for baby. God knows for what. The notification came thru the mail with no explanations. Hmmm it will be a challenge to get ready on time at such unearthly hour for the baby.. (AND the parents) PLUS it is also thefirst time we will venture so far out from home! Excited but nervous! The good thing is, ill get to do some shopping albeit at the hospital! BAh

Zubair seems to think that Tufeil is getting darker... Hmmm yes he does seem super duper reddish. Im wondering could it be all those chocolate milk that i drank to make him dark skinned? hehehe well let's see for a few more weeks / months.

Baby's Progress.

The Elders seem to be impressed when Tufeil's eyes were open from birth. They said babies of old wouldn't be able to open their eyes so soon. And now my mum is saying his head is very strong to be lifted on its own and during confinement too! Er... i have no prior exp so i have no way to compare. He seemed to have grown taller too (have yet to measure). And his cheeks are definitely chubbier.

And above all... i constantly feel guilty that the baby does nothing but sleep n sleep. I mean... he must be bored right? I dont have any idea how to stimulate his interest! I dont have any tool nor toys on hand.. i only have my voice so i talk and sing to him. Sometimes i just put him in front of Discovery Channel. Bath time will use up another hour of play time... Hmmm what else?

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3 glasses of Juice:

seri said...

Kak! Hope it's not too late to say congrats to you to the new addition!!! :)))

widzgeek said...

dun wurry jus u're doing fine. Like you, masa 2 wks he memang wake up every hour but for me i fed him longer.. till an hr pun ada. Frustrating until i learnt how to bf while lying n tertidur skali...

But since his 5th week, dia dah only bangun once @ night.

N said...

Lying down side by side to feed is great. U can sleep while the baby feeds. :) I like it for early morning feeds