Ohhhhh Rehabilitation Department is for Physiotherapy, orthodont%^$%#$% and something..

The moment i saw that sign, i then had a clear view what the appointment is about. Curled toes. Only the physiotherapist who attended to my baby said check up is a month later and its only been 3 weeks.

In any case, Alhamdulillah, the P said his curled toes is very minor and that we should just continue taping his toes together until they review in 3 months' time. I also just understood what the whole Curled Toes thingy is about. The 5th toe growing UNDER the 4th one. So the tape is to separate them and align them nicely. She also showed us an exercise we should do to ther baby's feet for 10seconds 10 times a day holding his bent knee to keep his feet firmly on the ground.

I also told the P that the doc at Poly noticed a tendency for a club foot. After some inspection she said the doctor is right. My heart dropped but lifted again when she said that its very minor because Tufeil actually knows how to correct it himself. Just that in a relaxed position, his feet tend to go "senget" (Crooked). So when we notice him doing that, we're supposed to tickle the outer part of his feet so he'll go back into correct position.

Consultation fee: $15.50
Taxi cost: $15.50 x 2

Shopping total: $200++...

hahahah I went crazy at Mothercare just now. I bought two nursing "aids" and the accompaniment $100. There was a nice nursing top but its like $55, so i tot i should rethink that first. PLUS, the sleeve was more like 3 quarter as oppose to full sleeves.

Then i bought a toy and a baby CD for baby $30 x 2. The toy is fabulous. Cos i wanted a mirror for him to look at (i read that babies like to look at their reflection) and Zubair wanted some musical toy and this toy has both!

Then i spent $68 on new specs! bendable ones! and they will even deliver right to my doorstep in 4 days' time!

But i still need contact lens for my D&D. No way im gonna wear SPECS on such a grand night! Or maybe ill just buy a pair from Ash first. hah

thats it for now!

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1 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Cannot buy from me. I'm left with just a pair to last me till end of the month before I get me moolah to buy new boxes. :P