Sheer Randomness

Oh Gosh after exactly one month after my D&D chaos, then i have some breather to blog. And that is to say...

I have no social life. Mostly i just tag along with my parents.

Let's see... the last time i hung out with my friends... i asked my parents along. Last night, we had dinner @ Jln Kayu's Mad Jack with parents and Ash. This weekend, i asked if i can tag along to my mum's school reunion! KAH KAH KAH KAH.

It doesn't help that my iPhone does not inspire me to take photos that can translate to bloggable topic. Cos u see right now, im just spewing empty bullets every way i can.


Tufeil Visited My Office last Tuesday during lunch.

My parents and T picked me up at 12nn to go to Arab St to get cloth material for Hari Raya. And i blew $120 and am now extremely broke. Dad had to go back to work so i begged mummy to stop by the office cos my colleague who declared herself Tufeil's Godmother wanted to see him.

It was like working the runway the way i was holding his hands and showing him around. He's not exactly friendly to strangers but managed to salam (shake hands) with that new Tunisian Muslim lady colleague. So she gave him a sweet. How sweet.

The funny part was... she asked if Tufeil's talking already... and out of confusion, nervousness and whatever else i was feeling at that time, i answered, "err.. Not much." When actually Tufeil is babbling and babbling allllllll the time! Like as though he is really trying to make a point in baby lang.

Arghh i can't better tell you how elated i felt from that experience. Damn if only i have some photos!


There have been many times when i'm alone at home feeling stranded and bored. Or when im out and about - with my parents - I feel like i need to step up and be a mother. Independently. Without any help. I longggg to go somewhere that both Tufeil and I can bond and just enjoy each other's company.

Well yeah we always go for lunch / dinner at Causeway Point or library alone but i think that doesn't count. I was thinking of like some sort of an adventure or learning curve. Do they have baby & mummy cooking lessons anywhere?

I mean i see all these mothers doing art & craft things with their toddlers. That is just... AMAZING! I want that. Minus the mess.

I think i wanna go google for something. So ta for now~

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5 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Baby gym like syifaa' went the last time?? Try ah!! I want to see T with friends. hehe.

Jussaemon said...

Yeah i Do wanna sign T for that. Problem is the Baby gym @ Civic Center that Syifaa' went to is nowclosed!

Anonymous said...

Where is your husband dear? Doesn't he take you out? Don't you guys go out together?

Or if you are a single mom, you can widen your circle of friends with other young moms! You socialize and T gets friends too :)

Jussaemon said...

Hi Anon i wonder where ur from cos u dont sound Singaporean.

Well its the trouble of getting around that always put me off going out and socialize! Dont wanna always trouble my parents to drive me around. hahaha

S said...

Hi, I always leave a comment but nv intro myself hehe.. I'm S btw.

My son is turning 2 soon and I always bring him out by myself. Usually I go to nearby places (i stay in jurong) like Jurong pt, or imm, places where he can roam about n tire him out w/o the stroller, but i did take the mrt with him wit the stroller from jurong to simei before to visit my friend. It's possible n there's always kind hearted strangers who will help me carry the stroller when my little one insist on being carried. Always bring his fav tidbits n jus feed to him on the mrt.. i ignore people staring at me.. :P