Sunday, 23rd May 2010.

I had no plans for Sunday and thought i tagged along my parents - AGAIN - to go for a wedding reception. Suddenly craving for wedding food and especially DESSERT! hahahaha

At 12nn, we were all ready, just waiting for Tufeil to wake up from his nap. Mum told me to just carry him but i don't dare lest he gets cranky. Or rather, i prefer him to wake up on his own most prolly signalling sufficient rest.

It was a round table setting. Mummy held him while I fed him rice + sweet sour Fish. After awhile, we let him loose on the floor, but as always he didn't go far and come back for another mouthful. Usually I will let him wander around on his own but my mum would always fear he would get underfoot and obstruct other people, so she went to get him. But of course, Ayah and me took turns to walk with T.

Alhamdulillah, unlike the day before, today i felt i really satisfied my tummy and tongue eating a full plate PLUS dessert AND also longtong. I often used to feel shortchanged at these kinda events, bcos i never had my fill when T got distracted after some time.

Can you guess where we are?

With The Mummies now.
Tufeil was dressed like a big boy today. This Baby Fox shirt is sized 6 - 12months courtesy of one of my besties. He wore it a couple of times before and now can still fit. In fact, it's easier to let him wear a shirt now that he's started walking. I used to prefer bodysuits and onesies but now all's good.

We headed to Joo Chiat Complex and I blew close to 100 bucks on Tudungsssss and 1 Baju Melayu for Tufeil. So that's another two items taken off from the Hari Raya Shopping List.
On Monday, I went to work feeling elated at having erased my past week guilt of not taking Tufeil out more often. So there.

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