USTS School Reunion

Saturday, 22nd May 2010.

We are going to my MUM's school reunion for the classes of 72 and 73, for the lack of better things to do. After all, Tufeil and I did "attend" the organising committee's meetings which were held at my house! HAHA


Is it huge or is it HUGE?

I love how sajdahs were placed all over the place in the Karaoke Room, Gym Room and Games Room. Ayah wanted to go for prayer and that's when Tufeil started crying cause he's sooo attached to his Grandpa. So i had to bring him out to the basketball court and distract him

After that i had to distract him from pawing several small potholes around the basketball filled with rainwater, dirt and whatever creatures. Yikes! When i covered the holes standing over them, Tufeil got confused and went away or sat down and caressed the tar ground ruining his nails and then scratched our faces! OUCH!
After awhile, Tufeil found a friend.

Abang, where are you?

Oh There you are!
The poor kid was also bored senseless. He was a treasure playing with T.
We were dead hungry but were only let out to the buffet line an hour after we arrived. First look at the spread, my face fell because there were Mee Siam and Sambal Fishball and other fingerfoods which were not suitable for T. Started off with Papaya and then i had no choice but to give him Wanton minus the crispy and oily skin and the filling of fried samosas. It was a hit with T! Well, i firmly believe this is a better lunch for him than just cakes!!
To my surprise, i wasn't the only adult accompanying their parents to the event! There were 2 others: a lady sitting nice and quiet next to her mother, and a guy who helped his parents carry in all the satays they sponsored. How nice!
Me, I made that place like my own home, exploring, breastfeeding, napping. LOL. Even had to change T's soiled diaper! It helped to pass the time. T was mostly with me while a certain uncle tried to pry him away from me cos he adored T so much. Of course T resisted at first... after many many times of trying the uncle succeeded in carrying him.
We reached home totally exhausted. But contented that i let T explored places other than home!

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