What a Day!

Yesterday i came home to this:

My Mum and Dad who was at home on medical leave, brought him to Sri Nada for hair cut. It's been almost 6 months since his last shave that we all started to get irritated with his long hair. Esp cos he perspire quite easily.

So Round like his Mummy.

So diff to get a good shot of him from my irritating hp cam. PLUS he likes to claw at the phone. Shortly after this snap, he grabbed the phone and threw it on the floor and the housing came off as well as the battery. This has happened a lot of times i dont care anymore. i just put it back together again.

The date and time got resetted to 1 Jan 2000 8:00am. and i forgot to wind it back correctly until when i opened my eyes and saw light in the sky. oh no 7am already!!! and i'm supposed to take the train to work.

I was out by 7:20am. and speedwalked to the mrt station. I saw next train is coming in 1min and could hear the screeching sound already so i ran up the escalator and.... midway TRIPPED forward!!

Gosh my shin grazed the step's teeth. But i cant afford to miss the train. Next one's coming only in 5min. So i straightened myself, slipped my sandals back on, gritted my teeth and continued climbing the escalator.

Boy am i glad to have caught it cause it was not as full as usual and i managed to get a standing position in front of 3 students clad in ITE uniforms. Meaning they should be alighting either at Yio Chu Kang (or is it Ang Mo Kio?) or Bishan. True enough they alighted at Bishan and i got a seat.

Only then did i brave myself to touch my throbbing shin. Felt bumpy. Blue black's coming i think.

At work, i kept on bumping on things.

In the pantry, i knocked over an empty 10l water container. Avoiding embarassment, i said to David, "Look what your stare made me do."

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