Official CNY 2010 Celebration

Fri, 19th Feb 10

It's Lion Dance Day!



Just Look where the "fore" legs are!

It's coming!

Approaching our 8 oranges pyramid

Nom nom nom

4 heads are better than 1

Lucky number

We had a Lantern Making Competition.

Each floor to form a team of max 5. Create a lantern using red packets in 15 minutes!

At the very last minute - like, 2hours before the competition, we decided to form a team! And came up with this:

A ball and scallop fan ensemble.

The team!

We had to contend with 8 other entries looking something like:

From left: A coin in an 8 coin, A Hot air balloon, a pink lantern, 2 balls...

A Hat, Ours, the T...


A Human lantern!!!

Despite breaking the fundamental rules of using the provided red packets, the Human lantern won! Perhaps for their creativity and thinking out of the box and their er... presentation?

But really, we were supposed to win. Being the RecClub Rep, i looked at the score. Apparently, the Judge of the Day gave us the highes point being 25. But ME the mini judge was extra critical on my team's performance - giving only 13 out of 20 based on Creativity, Difficulty, Speed and Overall appearance - when most other teams were given 15 - 18. Ended up in 3rd place. But we had fun and bonded nicely.

The best part: The winning lantern was supposed to be hung at our Education Site. Now, how do u hang a Human? *oops*

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