Roasted Pear & Apple

Mon, 8th Feb 10.

I saw a Roasted Pear & Banana Puree Program on and tot what a delicious mix! Tufeil used to like Banana until i mixed it baby oatmeal and now he vehemently refuses it. So i'm hoping with the mix with pear and a roasted taste, he will like it.

Unfortunately, the bananas were all eaten already. My fault for putting it off for a few days. So i decided to do with apples and pears instead.

Skinning the fruits are ok... but i scratched my head. How do i pit the core? Or is it core the pit?

Mummy and Ayah have always done it for me. I've seen him do it but i'm afraid i might overestimate my strength and cut myself instead. So i halved them first on the board and in the same position, cut a triangle from the top. Wasted a lot of fruitmeat. but that's the only idea i had. After awhile it got easier.

Again, i was acting like a Pro. While baking / roasting the apples, i pureed papayas (a no brainer!). Was about to start skinning pears when the oven pinged at the end of 20+min.

After letting it cool for a bit, i threw it in the baby food mill. OH MY GOD IT IS SOOOO HARD!!!! Hmmm maybe it wouldn't work on apples? So i went to steam it in the rice cooker for another 15min or so. Hmmm the maid did it this way the last time so i should be able to do this.

In the meantime, i skinned the pear.

Out goes the apple and in goes the pear into the Oven. I hafta tell you that the apple is still VERY HARD for the food mill, in my opinion. But found that its easier to twist when i put in only half instead of full to the brim. and managed to finish them with great difficulty. spooned to ice cube trays and freeze. I dont know if the brown colour is the result or roasting or oxidisation.

When the pears came out, one look at it and i know its hard. Even tho i could poke it with a fork no problem. Into the steamer then.

This time around, my energy and resolve were totally depleted. This is just so hard!! Worse, it was already 10.30pm. Tufeil might wake up anytime now and i havent even prayed nor prepare for next workday. My injured left wrist was sore from all the action too.

So i gave up. and asked for somebody else's help to continue milling the pear. Thanks!

Its just miraculous that Tufeil managed to sleep for 2hours while i cooked. Its as if he knew! =) Thanks my baby! MUACKS!

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