Rearranged Room

Its been just over a month since i made a mini room make over with the help of Cik Nora, the lady who cleaned our house once a week.


Bed in the middle, Desk to the wall.

Extreme clutter with unwanted wooden side table, luggage for Oz trip

This is after folding up the PlayPen
But still not enough space for T to play around nor pray. Worse is i'll be pumping at my desk and he'd either be at the playing area (too far can't see) or beside me (too many sharp edges and very tight maneuvering space).
So decided to gather the broker spaces. NOW:

Bed pushed to the wall ( i have since closed the gap to 2-3cm as opposed to 2-3inch)
Table to the center.

Now we have lotsa space to play and pray! Weee
Next up:
  1. Throw the computer box away. its been a month already! So irritating!
  2. Re-Plaster walls
  3. Paint room
  4. Reposition wall shelf nearer to table for access.
  5. Carpet?

Bit by Bit is the way to go.

The only unhappy thing about this arrangement is that it made me LOATHE to MAKE MY BED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE IT I HATE IT! So i just straighten the quilt without bothering to neaten the bedsheet itself. HAH! I'm so lazy, i know!

Oh another thing, Tufeil was supposed to be sleeping on a cot on the floor with this new rearranged position... but i havent got around to do it because... i dont want to accidentally step on him while using the computer and him sleeping in the dark. Noise also travels on the gap under the door.

Hee =D

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2 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

I love to re-arrange stuff around my house too! Everything looks kinda of brand new and refreshing! A new angle!
When i was living with my in laws I almost offended my MIL cuz she thought the reason why I kept re-arranging my room furniture every now and then was cuz i didnt have enough space in her home hehehehe

Jussaemon said...

Ahhh the next time i go over ur house, it'd be unrecognisable then? hehe