I need to lose weight! HAHA

Ok i know im very weight obsessed. i even want my baby to NOT gain too much weight. I can't believe some pple actually think Tufeil is skinny! I'm like.. HUH! his cheeks are 1kg each ok!

On the other hand, i also like to eat!

But i think my appetite has returned to normal. I think maybe at 8th month of breastfeeding. Also at this point i think that i start to regain the extra weight i've lost after giving birth. Chet! I sooo cannot fit into my jeans anymore. EYEWWW Ugly sight!

I totally loathe the buncit-ness of my tummy. But i'd like to think that my stretch marks are getting lighter and lighter.

While i doubt i have time during lunch time to squeeze in GYM AND PUMP, i think i can do slimming treatments though. Now i just need to finish paying off my computer and then we can buy that package at De Beaute, International Plaza.

In the meantime, i sooooooooooooooooo need a massage!!!!!!!!!!!! My body feels soooooooo tired and aching. Ok that's partly cause i'm down with a cold.

I've got a fantasy:

When Tufeil turns 1 year old, i wanna go for a week long beach vacation ON MY OWN. this is to help ease Tufeil thru the transition from Breast Milk to Formula milk and to let him learn to sleep without nursing. And i will have ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the time in the world to sleeeeeeeeeeeep, to go for spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasss, to snorkle, swim.... and devote some time to the Almighty too (let's not forget that).

My heart aches to realise this dream. But... DREAM ON, they'd say!

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