Kiddy Rides.

26th Feb 09 (11month old)

I've been trying to get Tufeil on the $1 kiddy rides that u find at shopping centres (read: causeway point) but he was always afraid.

We just reached Terminal 3 airport to pick up Ash when we saw a BIG go-kart playground. I wasted no time and forked out $7 for 4 rounds on the big ride.

Here we comeeeeeeee

The Bear is sooo cute

Tufeil's steering the way.

He was not afraid at all. Liked it when i swerved right and left and when i jerk-stopped.

Can't wait for him to be big enough for the Big Boys Rides.
Actually i wish i'm small enough to ride one myself! LOL

Disembarking. HAHA

Ash's flight got delayed, so after dinner, we let Tufeil loose on the ground! hahahaha.

Smitten by somebody else's drawing.

He dragged that paper everywhere! while he crawled!

Shortly after this shot, Tufeil facing away from me suddenly knelt down kissing the floor. I was slow to react and when i picked him up i saw black dirt all over his mouth! YIKES!!!

Crawling to Atok.

Soon, I can play at the Big Kid's playground!

Ok Bye for now!

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