Saturday 19th Nov 2011,

We crossed the border to Johor Bahru to buy clothes for Tufeil among other things. We wanted to check out the winter jacket but apparently its not the wool kind that I wanted and saw on gmarket selling for $25.

I got the task of babysitting the kids while the rest went to pray...

Entertained them with massage chairs
Tufeil was afraid of it though but kept asking for it again and again. I really don't understand this habit of his!

Let them jump around

Then it was my dad's turn to babysit T while me and my mum hunt for clothes. When I got back to them, I came to this scene!

Atok & Tufeil

I got Rainbow ice cream cone

And i don't care if i have ice cream moustache

He hadn't asked for ice cream in a longgggg time cos i kept telling him if he eats it he wil get the cough. He must have forgotten about it. Now when i say no to him, he knows who to ask from. hahahah KIDS!

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1 glasses of Juice:

nadia said...

Thanks for the updates, Jus! Tufeil looks adorable in all the pictures (and all grownup!) mashaAllah.