Best Working Sunday

Sunday 9th Oct 2011

I cldnt stop gushing to anyone who wld listen what a great Sunday I had even tho I had to work. Everything fell into place so beautifully, Alhamdulillah.

Ok story goes tt late fri evening, I just realised tt the reports for our visiting big bosses were not sent to our colleague for printing. Altho my own boss said nevermind, we cld rush it out Monday morning, I was not confident we cld finish on time. So I decided to play it safe and do it over the weekend.

Not wanting to trouble my parents after they watched Tufeil for extended hours for 3 nights consecutively earlier in the week, I decided to bring Tufeil along. I was a bit nervous but prayed for the best.

Syifaa' who stayed w us for the weekend heard we were going out and wanted to follow too. I had to decline as i wasnt sure I cld handle two kids on my own. But then I remembered how the two of them could now play together very independently and happily barring any arguments. So I ventured to bring Syifaa' along..

So me and two kids, one in stroller, another one's hand holding mine pushing the stroller, took the train. It was Tufeil's naptime. He feel asleep on my shoulder and i talked to Syifaa' for a bit before both of us got sleepy too. She didnt quite sleep tho.

Luckily I remembered to drop by at Cheers at the train station to buy some form of lunch for the kids before walking to the office...

Sat them down on two vacant desks with paper and highlighters...

Syifaa' drew the blueberry she was drinking and wrote "I Love Bluberry"

Tufeil just brushed thru with her left hand too cos he was eating.

Can't put them too near though.
Inevitably, got some marks on the table where the paper did not cover. They were miraculously gone when I came to work on monday. haha Thank you Aunty.

Imagination at play...

They were playing house under the desk

Shhh Baby's sleeping

They laid around on the floor, explored the meeting rooms and looked out the window to watch some ships passing by... They really really really left me alone to do my work. They were totally oblivious of the heat because the air-con was not turned on.

Then there was this time when I went around one corner looking for them because they were suspiciously quiet. Found them crouching low on the floor behind a wall waiting to scare me but i scared them first. IT WAS SOOO FREAKING FUN!!!! That they could just run around and play without me having to worry about cars driving past or breaking glasses or hitting sharp corners.

We were there for almost 4 hours and not a word of complaint from the kids. There were two trips to the toilet when one or the other pooped. And then the parents came to pick us up and the rest is history...

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