Other Things We did in October

Mastered two McQueen jigsaw puzzles

Having breakfast of...

Honey stars and Choc milk
 We went to my colleague's wedding (Malay Guy) at Jamiyah Islamic Cte. We met up at Aljunied mrt and got into two cars.
Tufeil readily accept being carried by my colleague when i refused to. HAHA

He had fun throwing this honey star action figure at my other colleague
 It was great. But it would be even greater if there were no language barrier. He can speak English but it's always mixed with some Malay so it's diff for non Malay speakers to understand... Took the train home

Happy 5th Birthday, Syifaa' Zakirah!
 We had a mini bash with my sister's in laws and one other cousin whose birthday is just the next day. The most fun part was when the kids played musical chairs. Even T played. The first time around, when the music stopped and everybody rushed to grab a seat and the adults were cheering loudly, Tufeil was baffled and asked my dad, "Atok, kenapa?" "Grandpa, why?"

OH and btw, my sister baked that birthday cake herself.

Played this at the bazaar

What's that?

We killed a baby lizard
And by we, i meant, my dad.
Other observations in this month (2yrs 7 months old)
  1. He started to sleep longer almost 8 hours before he asked for my milk
  2. of course there were still nights when he woke up in 2 hours, saw me at the computer and pleaded, "Mummyyy... tidooooo" (....Sleep)
  3. One method of diversion before sleep: "Kejap neh... Tufeil nak tanya atok..." "HOld on, I wanna ask Grandpa"
  4. But when he was ready for sleep, he would arrange a mini pillow on top of a normal pillow fo rmy head just the way I like it. =)
  5. I've shown him how to twist open the door knob to open the door. He managed to do it a couple of times but just gave up to do it again afterwards. There's a plus and minus to this. Minus: I would hafta wake up in order to let him out of the bedroom. Plus: He can't let himself out when i'm doing a time-out in a room.
  6. When he accompanied me to the hairdresser, Tufeil said, "Wahhh pandai sey mummy potong rambut." "Mummy's so clever get a hair cut"
  7. He's also begun saying things like "Tak fair sey" (Not fair)
Till then..

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