Just Chillin' @ the Airport...

OK this is gonna be an ancient post - 2 months old tmrw. But I've already drafted it from way back so it'd be a waste not to post. This is also the post that got me this writer's block and since I have a bit of free time right now, i thought I'd better be finished with writing this already.

Sunday 2nd Oct 2011 (2yrs 6months)

Parents said there was aviation exhibition at the airport so thought we'd check it out...

Love the space they can run around

His outfit for the day w new bottle - a first with strap.
After that day, he refused to sling it over his should so i stopped using this bottle

"Mummy, Triangle, Mummy"
It's a pyramid, darling

Since T kept close to his Atok, and Syifaa' with the nenek, I was quite free to snap photos

Ben 10 going to the shooting range?

Nahhh just watching some video clips and there were not even voice-overs, just music as background.

At the same time lunch snacking on a hot dog or two

Mum is always fascinated with flowers.

In front of the "exhibition" but it was really just a small few walls of information

I have this exact same post from 2 years ago! when he's just started crawling

Now can even navigate the steering wheels

And now he demands to go to the arcade altho he's scared of some of them like the totally harmless Mario kart

We were gonna do our prayers. In the meantime, let's sit on Atok's back

And lie down...

With legs up

OK kids, time to go home
We are crazy.

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