Tufeil & 'Affaan @ the Airport

26th Oct 2011

What can I say? Our airport is great! It's huge for the kids to run around. It's got a free playground, indoor playground, a giant slide, ample parking space, you get to watch planes land and take off...

In any case, Tufeil and I came here again to meet with the 11 besties. Only 3 others could make it though. LOL.
I'm kinda in a hurry to finish writing before I go off on holidays... So just enjoy the pictures.

See-Saw at free playground with the slide on the background

Ok the playground itself is kinda small

The floor is just calling them to lie down

Maybe they wanna make snow angel... only its made of dust instead

What did I say about the space?


Quiet spot to rest / pray complete with our picnic mats! LOL

Don't worry we were not the only crazies

A stop at McD is almost a MUST
We've got to meet again, girls.

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