Helpful Helper

Alhamdulillah ALL thanks and praises to Allah who has answered our prayers to get a good helper.

We were close to exasperation. With 6 adults and 3 kidsamong us, we couldn't manage to keep the house settled for more than a few hours. The laundry is always piled high. Hair balled up on the floor. Toys EVERYWHERE! It was terrible.

It was finally agreed that we need to get a helper and we got a recommendation to get from Lemann Employment Agency.

In the beginning, we got one while my parents and I were away on holiday. She only worked 5 days. My sister was a bit sad because she was very good at cleaning. But because she was not flexible with our extra requirements like ferrying between two houses since my sister's children will be at my mum's and donning the hijab and no off days, we felt it was for the best that she left.

We were quite apprehensive about getting the next one. Because we are only left with onechance to change, we truly hoped we got the right person. Again, all praises and thanks to Allah, Wati joined our family just before the year 2011 ended.

She is about 7 yrs older than me, lost her husband to cancer while she was at work overseas earning money for his treatment, has one grown up married daughter. She sold everything she had had in Indonesia and now she's working for her retirement age. She's soft spoken, very caring and has a can-do attitude. whilst we think her housekeeping are not top of the range, we are very happy that she voluntarily and happily helps us with the chores as well as some springcleaning.

With this, I feel less guilty to work overtime or over the weekends because I know my mum has a lighter burden now with Wati to help here and there. In fact, I'm actually going on my first holiday totally ALONE. No baby. No family. In February to KL for 5 whole days! It's a shame that it couldn't be anywhere farther and more exotic but I'm attending a seminar and I don't imagine I could go at all if it weren't for that seminar excuse.

So there.

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