Holiday in the making...

It is truly unfortunately that I have to arrive to the decision of scrapping the 12D trip to Turkey at year end. The trip for one adult costs more than my monthly salary! Now that Tufeil is more than 2 years of age, his plane ticket alone is $1,800 excluding the land tour fee.

That means I'll be missing these...

Topkapi Palace

Blue Mosque

Grand Bazaar

Sighhh... well better that than plunging deeper into debts.

Instead, now I'm planning to go for Qodariyah's 5D to Shanghai. I think it's winter there too in december, right? Even if no snow, temp lower than say 10 deg c would be good. hahah And it costs only $858 per person! (Budget airline???)

Afterwards we can still go for a beach resort...

I wanna stay in a villa with private pool

Get in house massage...

and snorkel!!!

Tufeil would be delighted to see the fishes up close and personal! Wait, would he be able to snorkel?

I just can't decide which beach. PLUS most of the nearby islands would be affected by the monsoon season or something in December, isn't it? So WHERE would be a good place???

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5 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Babe, we were in Istanbul in Dec 2008. I so cannot tahan sbb sejjuuuukkkkk!! HAHAHA. Air tix is cheaper from here and we were on our own. Only booked the hotel online and ventured out everywhere ourselves. Really nice place n yummy doner kebab! hehe

Jussaemon said...

Haha even tho u write as anonymous i know its u Wana. I rmbr reading abt it in ur multiply! Hahaha mcm dah zaman dahulu kala sey bila sebut multiply.

My mum kan freelance kat Qodariyah so kita selalu travel w them.

Anonymous said...

alamak..i think i forgot to write down my name... khekeehhehke

Ya man, Multiply mcm da ancient gitu kan...LOL

Bridget said...

I don't understand half of what you wrote! When, where? It's so fun to hear about your life in Singapore, even if I don't understand the words, I do understand the problems. We are trying to figure out our next big trip...if only it was free!

Jussaemon said...

LOL. Bridget, at the point of writing I still did not know where to go as long as the place fits my 3 criterias: Villa w pool, massage and snorkelling!

But I did know my initial plan to go to Turkey, with a tour agency my mum freelances at, is definitely a no go cause I can't afford it! :S

Yeah if only if it was free... or even half the price it is now!