Seletar Reservoir

Sunday, 14th August 2011.

After making 2 more packets of Kuih Layang2, I made two batches of Butter cookies for my sister. And by two batches, I mean like... two separate batches bcos I wasn't sure if two would be too much.

It was past 2.30pm when we finally got ready for a ... Drive To Nowhere. Well technically we went all the way to Tampines for a few errands... but effectively, me and Tufeil just slept in the car. *bliss*

T woke up just in time for a walk by the park at Seleter Reservoir. It was soooooo windy... with quite a handful of Banglas/Indians sitting there too.

The grass/weeds were long too. I was pleasantly surprised that Tufeil didn't notice them much even though he was wearing a sandal.

We saw 3 dead fishes washed ashore... and there was even one that was DYING. My dad said "Inilah dia nyawa nyawa ikan" (Malay proverb)

And then we went to the River side of the water.

It was low tide. There were a couple of people with GIANT cameras that you see a football matches. My dad thought they were waiting to shoot crabs or something.

Mum suggested to come here one day for a picnic and perhaps do our prayer under the sky. That'd be nice.

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2 glasses of Juice:

hajudasan said...

that sounds so nice babe! praying under the sky! <3

Jussaemon said...

It does, doesnt it? =D