Break Fast w Yot

Sunday, 7th Aug 2011.

As tradition dictates, the first weekend of Ramadhan, we will break our fasts with my maternal grandfather, Tufeil's great grandfather (Yot). This year, it happens to be at the new penthouse. Whoop!

It is on this rare occassion that all the kids get to gather (even during Eid, our timing always clash) and they are at an age where they can all entertain themselves. The only worry I had was if Tufeil looked for me and climbed down the spiral stairs on his own.

Other than that, it was very peaceful (read: managed to eat without much disruptions) even entertaining. Tufeil sat down quietly beside me having his macaroni a piece at a time.

Tufeil entertaining the girls with his "forced" laughter

Uncle Ben giving T a ride on the rocket

He conquered this. Luckily the others were too big and Syifaa' had plenty of other toys to play with

The 2nd floor living area

T cried when it was time to leave cos he just discovered the keyboard and mic!

Again, Tufeil was entertaining the adults by repeating everything he heard and then turning it into gibberish.

We made our way home at about 10pm.

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