Tufeil, 2yrs 4 months on...

Tufeil is such an extrovert. I don't know where he got it from cos I certainly was an extremely shy girl. Prolly still is.

This month he's shown me how he can make friends anywhere young and old.

A makeshift swing from an adult's "gym"

He's good at drawing circles...
He recognises numbers (thanks to school) 1, 2 & 4 being his favourites.
At a carpet shop in JB w Syifaa'

At last, he can listen to a specific command "Smile at the camera".

Sitting in his laundry basket

He's discovered that he can rest his head in the bathtub.

That's not poo but Chuggington's Puffer Ol Pete

Other than these, I DIG that he can finally climb on my back while I give him a horse ride.

And there's a National Day celebration as school today and he's dressed like this:
Nan will find this shirt familiar

This bag is good for his size
The bus attendant exclaimed, "Wah macam Fandi Ahmad sey" LOL

Now we can't wait to see how Umar will turn out.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Oh what a cute pic at the end! such a gol matol baby!

Jussaemon said...

Hi Khanum! What's a gol matol?