First Ramadhan

I'd like to tell you that my first two Ramadhan nights have been fruitful. But that would be lying.

Tufeil slept early the previous night and then woke up with us for sahur at 5am. After Fajr, I fed him some yogurt. I noticed there were some lumps in it, so I took a lick to determine that it is still edible... It took 2 whole minutes for me to remember that I was fasting and shouldn't be eating! LOL.

I took leave for the rest of the day because my dear boy was having fever and needed my comforting. He slept from 8 - 12noon on and off while I played MY FARM LIFE for 2 hours and slept for the remainder.

Somebody's screenshot of the game

When we woke up, I tried to feed Tufeil but he had no appetite. He asked to watch some cows and we happily played game again. I finally managed to get him to eat Mashed potatoes with sausage after which, he wanted to sleep again! Woohoo more time for me....

I urged him to eat some more when he woke up an hour later. I made his favourite nutella sandwich. It certainly tested my faith bcos it happens to be my favourite too. LOL. While he ate, I let him watch TV and I dozed off on and off ... until 6pm, when i told myself, "Enough is enough!", pulled myself together and cleaned up and prepared for break fast.

What a total waste of the day when I could have been reaping rewards doing good deeds. I know. I'm ashamed of myself. I pity my soul self.

(That's not to say I did not sleep smiling that night)

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