M&M Melts not in your mouth but...

 Saturday, 14th May 2011 (2 year 1.5months)

It was 9am I was soooo tired I just couldn't wake up. I just let Tufeil wrestled my body around until some other member of the family came into the room and whisked him away. A little while later, he came back and wanted some more milk. I still couldn't open my eyes and just let him.

This is what I finally opened my eyes to

Mini M&Ms smeared and squashed all over on the bed and the floor. Tufeil and I were lounging around in bed on top of them. Apparently, someone had given him a whole tube of it to hold himself and then let him run away. Great, now I hafta change the bedsheet. It's new too just a week old. Not the bedsheet itself but the change.

On another note, he made this in school last week. Well technically he didn't, i suppose his teacher did minus the fridge magnets, of course.

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