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Sat, 30th April 2011

We were invited to go to my uncle's new house. The condo name escapes me but I know its just opposite of Sembawang Al-Ameen.

Tufeil's Get up of the day
@ Masjid Ahmad Ibrahim for Zohr

Wahhh like some kind of European country side

Oh Tufeil and his love of fountain no matter how small

Pinning T down for a picture in the Function "hall"
Thank god its small so that its air-conditioned perfectly amidst the HOT weather


Kid's Playground

Syifaa' and her aunties

Meantime, Tufeil played with yet another fountain for a good 30minutes!

We were shown around the house but its not completed yet. So I didn't take any pictures. But it's a penthouse and the two girls' & maid's room is upstairs with 3 more bedrooms on the first floor. Cool! My aunty brought us to her sister's house in another block and it was soooo cooly decorated! I LIKE!!!

The only downside is the pool doesn't seem too child-friendly. I think we hafta go to our other uncle's house, then to use their swimming pool haha.

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