Abang Tufeil

Tufeil is now a BIG brother. But NO, I didn't quietly got pregnant. LOL. My sis delivered a baby boy on mother's day 8th May 2011.

Everybody's saying he looks like Syifaa'

To be honest, I can't rmbr how to hold a newborn!

Tufeil was very excited to see Baby (yet to be officially named but we call him Umar for now) drinking mother's milk. He demanded to sit on the bed to see closely but I had to rein him in. Ly was in great pain as it was. Finally when I got to carry him, T was all kissing and touching the baby with his index finger. Oh! Can't wait for Umar to grow up already and play with T!

Syifaa' was also very cute. She stayed with us when Ly was admitted to the hospital and she kept jumping up and down more vigorous than usual screaming "I'm Happy I'm happy!!!!" cos baby was arriving soon.

Trying to control Tufeil's louds squeals and keeping him from running into the sharp end of the table between the curtains (he kept getting under and peeking back and forth) proved to be quite impossible so i relented and brought him to the playground instead.

The only slide suitable for his age

Through the tunnel

OMG! Like got a hairy ghost up there! That's the girl's sister actly.

Cldn't get over how he climbed and rocked the horse himself!

The group of bigger boys immediately caught his attention
He wanted to rock for them. *shake head*

The boys were so good to him but very rough among themselves
 It's so funny how Tufeil absolutely hates fluttering insects or bugs like butterfly - we saw one at the garden so cute small yellow one. That day, he also cried in fear when a fly landed on his high chair.

Dinner at Kopitiam was very disappointing. The drinks stall didn't carry any leading brand of canned soft drinks, not even COKE. Ice Kacang, bandung, lime juice all not available. The Delifrance was also disappointing. The cinnamon croissant was stale. The seats and high chairs were all VERY DIRTY! YUCKS! The next time, we should go to the canteen at the other wing 2 Kent Ridge or something.

Alas, visiting hour was over and it was time to leave....

Good night, Baby. See u again soon.

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4 glasses of Juice:

Mrs Umer Shah f.k.a Ms Sue said...

Masyallah! Congrats on the new arrival in the family! He's so adorable!
Suddenly thinking about it.. I think I may have forgotten how to carry a newborn too... hehe Tufeil is so sweet!!!

Siddiq gets extremely jealous whenever there is a newborn.. Especially if mommy carries him.. Sighs.. I got about 3 1/2 months more to get him use to the idea...

Jussaemon said...

O oh.. is it only 3.5months to go? Thats fast!!

Syifaa' with her little cousins tak berapa sayang sgt and sometimes jlos jugak but with her own brother soooo sayang and protective. Tido nak hug but we had to refrain her takut the infant suffocate lah pulak kan.

Mrs Umer Shah f.k.a Ms Sue said... sweet indeed she is! they do say that kids usually have a change of heart when they see their new siblings small and tiny right after birth...I hope that goes for Siddiq too... I'm worried cause sometimes out of the blue he would say things like he wants to "pok baby brother" the horrors kan!?!

Jussaemon said...

nak pok!? OOps... Insya'Allah, he'll grow ok...