Off Day w Friends from Work

5th May 2011
Ok so the four of us had been looking forward to the April moolah since like September last year! We promised to treat ourselves to good food once we've received them. Finally they day had come!

I was sooo wonderfully surprised when all of them were ready to take half day leave from work to chill. Thankfully, we are all from different departments, so no problem. So instead of a weekday dinner or a weekend lunch (need to arrange babysitter) we opted for weekday hi-tea @ CAROUSEL!

Because hi-tea only starts at 3.30pm and we can go off at 12.30pm, June and I decided to catch a movie first. The other two, Yani and Midah, opted to shop around in Orchard instead.

I was a bit skeptical about Water for Elephants at first because the movie poster wasn't good enough and I'm not sure if I like a vampire turning soft. But that was the only show with the perfect timing other than Thor which June wanted to watch with her Abang.

And it turned out quite alright. Romantic and loveable. I just don't like how an old man was telling the story. Make me cringe at the prospect of such a good looking man could really age badly. LOL Sorry I'm so superficial! hahaha

And because we got our attractive VB (Alhamdulillah), I managed to finish of my study loan. Just 3 months in advance. HAHA but at least I feel a burden has been lifted! And I treated myself to MAC's primer and liquid eyeliner. =D So mentel me nowadays.

We were about 15minutes late for the hi-tea!! We got a lot of catching up to do, in terms of food intake, with our two friends who were already there.

A bit disappointing that today's theme for main dishes was Asian. Imagine Nasi Lemak, Chicken Rendang, Indian Rojak and prata, Spring Roll, You tiao, Pie Tee, Dumplings, etc... Cold dish, salad and dessert counters remain. PLUS they have DIY ICe Kacang!! YAYY MY FAVOURITE!

Prawns are a must. Mostly, its the sauce that's DELISH!
I had Lychee, jelly and peach in mine. w lotsa syrups
The Four of Us
Behind from left: Hamidah, June
In front: Haryani and Me

Hopefully we can have a FULL day of fun in December. IF our holiday schedule don't clash, that is!

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