Karaoke @ Club 7

28th July 2010.

Oh WEEEE. It's been a year since we last came here for karaoke. It was Ayah's bday month and he gets some credit at his work place's club house. We totally made full use of it.

Ayah had to take half day afternoon to go home to pick up Mummy and Tufeil. Last year, Tufeil was too small @ 4 months to join us so he stayed home.

The plan was for me to wait for Ash to knock off at 6pm. But when i heard that Tufeil was already there, i go off promptly at 5.20pm to attend to my son first. Just as well, cos my parents need to go for prayers, then i give him milk and dinner first before the rest arrives. And true enough, Ash was the last to come - as usual :P.

Atok singing.
Mummy not being interested on singing too much, brought her sewing stuffs. But did chip in "Seiring and Sejalan"

The gang who made it: Aunty, Cousin and Ash.

He looks sooo tall in this pic. Tufeil I mean.

Geletek Tufeillll!!! (Tickle)

Kiss Tufeil...

We all ordered dinner first, cos we cldnt bring the main dishes inside to the room. I had Black Pepper Beef w Rice which was disappointingly bland - as in tawar. I fed some to T but it cldnt hold a candle to the appealing fries! ahhaha.. But thank god he took a liking to the siew mai.

Oh he also took a liking to Chicken Wings.
Even accidentally tasted some chilli sauce himself! He had no reaction at all to that!


Haha.. i always feel... amazed when he managed to get some food into his mouth. Today, he even got the end of the fries stick in without help! Usually, he'd give me the last bit cos he doesn't know yet to release the food so he could eat it without biting his own fingers.

Anyways, all in all it felt wayyyyyyyyyyyy tooo short because effectively we only sang for 2 hours between 8 to 10pm cos 6 - 8 was dinner and prayer bla bla bla... There are quite a few songs tt i don't know too so that's sad.

Highlight of the night - and even mum agrees - was when the four of us sang to the ISABELLA '98 song. You know the one with Amy (of course), Jamal, Saleem and Zamani. But we had to repeat like... 3 times cause we kept forgetting whose turn it was to belt it out and then we were laughing and laughing.. cos we know we sounded funny.

It was a lil after 11pm by the we reached home. Tufeil was already asleep in the car. but of course he woke up afterwards, thankfully not before i managed to hit the shower first. Embarassed to report that i didn't bother to bathe him but just changed him to PJs while just wiping his face with wet tissue. :S

Note to self: can't take Tufeil out till late at night, next time. Can't wait till he doesn't need me to sleep so i can go out late. Sometimes.

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