The Legend KL Day 2

Sast, 3rd July 2010.

Woke up almost 7am and went down for Bfast!!

OK you gotta excuse the closed eyes.

Dad's desserts??

It was extremely difficult to eat your fill on the buffet spread when you have a restless wriggly toddler on your hand. Even between the 3 of us, i felt exasperated after an hour. Mostly i felt guilty that i'm trying to eat everything while my parents handle Tufeil even tho i had him for a few too.

View of the pool from our room.

Baby pool and adult's pool.
See the floating line? The 1m depth side is very short, it's cramping my style. LOL

I brought all his swimming gears complete with his favourite toys.

Go Grab it, Baby.

Hot Tub Time Machine?
After the shivering cold water of the pool, the jacuzzi was like fire. So i had to introduce him in the hot water slowwwwwwwly... Luckily, there were a few kids messing around and T were fascinated by the Big Kids.
So much so that he followed them to the Adult pool.
OK it's been over an hour now. Almost noon. we should be getting back and go out.

Ok Let's go, Mummy. Brrrrr


Parked our car and walking towards it.

The Green Couple

Shot the Shooter


Me: Where shall we have lunch?
Mum: Hmmm Let's have a look there...

For the life of me i can't remember the restaurant's name cos it was too fancy.
Unfortunately, we were too late for the lunch buffet. So we had to order ala carte. We ordered things like Nasi Ayam and Satay. Very local but about 300% more than what we pay outside say... at the Highway R&R. Blargh. and We waited for more than 30min before our food arrived.

Tufeil looking so glum at the absent food.

So Dad entertained him at the kid's corner.

Ok Food's here.
That's how most Malaysian hotel's High Chair look like. It's sooo big T just slipped under.

Possibly, the commonest snap taken at the tower at Colmar.

The other side of the tower.
Well... I hafta say i was disappointed with Colmar. I've heard pple gushed about it... "Wahhh feeling macam kat Europe" and who had honeymooned here and all... But basically, it was actually ONE hotel in a few short buildings with a few more food establishments and other attractions than was normal. The place was small. Worse, weather was not siding with us. A scene like this should be paired with a cool breezy weather.

Entrance Fee: RM 3, even if you just wanna have a seat.

I think Rabbit is the cutest animal in the world. Just look at the way they hop!
Bought Rabbit Food. My! It tickles!

Tufeil was just a bit scared. But at least, he didn't cry.

Now the Donkeys.

Hee horrr!!
Right after this photo, The donkey scared Tufeil with the loudest Hee Hoorr ever, he cried. LOL
I had some rabbit food left over and the guide said we could give it to the donkey. But i did not dare to do it myself. I mean the donkey's mouth is.... HUGE not to mention...wet? So i gave them to this bunch of ARab kids.

Sooo cute... they divided among themselves and each got only one piece of dry food for the big Donkey. The scary part was the youngest among them... maybe 3yo? actually put the thing in his own mouth! It took me a whole minute to figure out why one boy was scolding (i thought bullying?) the small boy when i realised he actually said "MAA Akal" meaning Don't eat?

Last stop at the nearby playground before going home.
Dinner was a bit of a disappointment. That was all my fault. Remember that i negotiated with the hotel manager because we were unhappy with our room? Well to appease us, he gave a 50% discount on Dinner @ the Coffee House. This amounted to RM70 for each of us. And it turned out to be... mediocre to say the least. BORING at best. It didn't help that Tufeil was again, restless. and he pooped too in the middle of it... so we had to rush out then back in as it turned out he didn't after all. and then 15min later he really did. Oh god soooooo tiring!!! Can't wait for him to grow up a little and then he can freeze say... at age 3? and stay cute that way? LOL

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