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2nd - 4th July

After the Batam Holiday, we went to KL for the weekend. I've been meaning to write about it but the pictures were mostly taken by Dad and they are all in the other pc. So that's on hold.

Sat, 10th July

We went to JB to celebrate Dad's birthday. Tea at New York Hotel @ RM25++ per person. Buffett runs from 12 - 4pm. Tufeil was restless most of the time. Food corresponds with the price. It's very local - not to my taste. Give me simple/common western dishes anytime. Burnt S$50 that day =(

Sun 11th July

Two of the besties had functions that day. So first we went to Pasir Ris to meet the Newborn. Again. Then to Aloha Loyang to meet the 1yo Bday boy.

Tufeil Swimming with buddies Husainy and Iman.

While the event itself was great, my day wasn't. It involved searching for someone up and down the beach while carrying a 9.5kg baby. Emotions and imaginations ran wild that day but shan't talk more about it.



As you all know i hate my iPhone. I've been trying to find the perfect phone out there for me. I had short-listed a few but either they don't really measure up to what I need/want or its beyond my purse's reach.

1. Sony Ericsson's Vivaz Pro

I love the physical Qwerty and video call but Alas it's a Symbian phone. I heard Symbian is like... going down and apps are not great.

2. Motorola's BackFlip

ANdroid. Video Call. Physical Qwerty but ANdroid in lower edition and when i read reviews, they say the keyboard at the back are prone to become dirty esp u go for lunch and put ur phone on the table. And that cause it's all flat, it's impossible to know what you're keying in.

3. LG something something

I saw a few with qwerty keyboard. But i didnt manage to see what OS they have cos when i saw the live set, it was extremely laggy. SCRATCH.

Then this morning i read the paper and saw Sony Ericsson's X10 Mini PRO selling at $588 w/o contract and i thought, "Hey I can afford that if i sell my iPhone at $550. Looks small, i like that. Dig the keyboard." Then i thought how come Vivaz (not pro) still more exp than this mini. SOmething must be lacking. Sure enough there's no video call.


  1. An Android 2.0 or higher

  2. Has video Call

  3. Has physical Qwerty

  4. Has internal memory at least 16Gb (ok this is not compulsory so long they throw in a free SD card)

  5. Sold in Singapore

  6. DURABLE. Sustain being thrown by a toddler countless times.

I'll be damned!


OK i'm tired of being fat. Can i just go for a liposuction already? It's not haram or anything right? Cos we are certainly not born with FAT tyres around the belly. OK we were but it was supposed to go away when we grow up. Besides, it has medical properties. thin = healthy.



Just when i decided to buy a Pediasure ready milk in a bottle to replace the eBM he's been refusing, Mum reported that he drank two bottles that day. It was bcos she cut down on his food. His food was running low.

A week after his 15th Month Jab, he got a fever. It's the first time he got fever as a result of the injection. The nurse always warned us of this but he never got it before. That was why i was surprised.

On top of the paracetamol he's taking, we've been giving him the runny nose meds as well cos his cooties never seem to go away! Granted, i keep forgetting to give him the nightly nose drop x 4 weeks to stop this. Shall try to get another new prescription.

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5 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

i beg to differ...thin does not equal to healthy...its all about eating healthily :)

Mohsin said...

Oh man, I hate my Iphone too and I want to get rid of it asap. If you have time I would recommend you wait till December when Microsoft will be releasing a windows 7 phone which looks amazing. youtube/google Windows 7 phone and see if you think it is worth the wait.
(moe from canada)

Anonymous said...

check out the window 7 phone ya..

btw..r u a single mother?sorry for being BusyBody..but looking at ur blog..i dun seem to read anything abt ur hubby.. hmmmm


Jussaemon said...

ok im not just saying physical health but also... emotional health? like self esteem and such?

WOW i've read about Windows 7. Hmmmm i just wonder if the PHONE features will be up to par since not much is mentioned abt it.

Shawn, why do u ask? U wanna date me or smtg? hehehe

Mohsin said...

once you see the video for windows 7 you will be amazed, its really really nice.