My Ambition

This is what i want to be when i grow up:

A chef!

"Masak" meaning to cook, was one of the first few words i knew to vocalise.

Every weekday when i wake up, i would beg to see what's cooking in the kitchen. I refuse to sit on the floor when there's an action on the stove. I insist on being carried to watch the food being prepared.

Last weekend i Uncovered kakak Syifaa's toy kitchen and was sooo taken by it. I imagine cooking chicken for mummy, even feeding her.

Mummy can leave me with my imagination in the living room while she settles herself. "how convenient!" mummy exclaimed.

Excuse me, now im gg to eat my bfast.

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1 glasses of Juice:

Norza said...

T, the girls will be delighted to have you as their chef in the play-pretend cafe game.