Happy Birthday, Hifzul Iman!

Sun 7th March 10 (11 1/4 months old)

We were invited to Yaya's place to celebrate her son's 1st Bday. And i was super excited! Cause Iman is just 3 weeks older than Tufeil. I got them matching Hooded Towel. But i forgot to bring it!!!!!! Just realised it when i reached. Was sooooooo sad!! (Khair, if you're reading this... i'll send it to u... soon... somehow)

Tufeil in the car - What is he wearing?

His Songkok (headgear) doesn't last 1 minute on his head each time. Until in the end, i gave up. He was wearing a Jubah his Nenek (my mum) bought from Mekah. I feared it may look like a pyjamas but i got 2 comments that it looked like Japanese Male-kimono, Uka-what? Another one asked is this Pakistani dress? and only 1 person actually observed that the Arabs wear this to sleep. Oh well... not sure if its practically to wear it in S'pore for a crawler.

Anyways I got a lift to Nan's place first where we waited to Ma. I LOVE Nan's place got sooooo many toys and soooo breezy and spacious.

Even after Alll the wait, we were still the first few guests to arrive. So we made ourselves comfortably at home, wrecking a mess, water spilling everywhere, babies grabbing adult food, begging for the delicious longan grass jelly dessert. LOL

Tufeil playing peakaboo, with Iman in the background.

Mummy & Baby Corner.

'Affaan and Husainy with Tufeil.

Tufeil has been very excited at babies. He LOVES reading Dr Miriam Stoppard's Baby Activities - a parent's book cause there are LOTSA baby pictures. He would point at them, squeal, kiss them, lick them. LOL.

Here at Yaya's place with sooo many other babies, I see that he is also keen to greet them... with his CLAWS! hahaha At first i tot its only to baby girls.. but apparently not.

I might as well announce here that we most probably won't be having a birthday party for Tufeil. We're just planning a cycling day at East Coast with the closest of family only.

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