Busy! & Tufeil's Update

Suddenly i was swamped at work.

My in tray has never piled up this high before!
  1. I have a new job description added - assisting another dept actually.
  2. One project in current dept.
  3. Organising D&D... i was named the secretary of RecClub.

Nice! I like having something to do. Like Duh!

Oh yah i haven't written here that I had also joined Salsa Dance Class sponsored by the company and Work Health Promotion Board. The class is every Friday, 6.15 to 7.15pm. There's been 2 classes so far.

After class, i hurried back to office to do my prayers and take my stuffs home. But it'll take too much time. I would reach home 8.35pm!! So i think next lesson, i will take wudhu' from office and pray in the classroom where we have our session.

Oh Gosh, my left calf is sore like crazy after last week's training session for Vertical Challenge = climbing 5 storeys worth of staircase. I took 38 seconds and they're asking me to try to keep below 30 seconds. The 2 sporty guys in my group did it in under 26 seconds. There are 5 of us to cover 26 floors. The record is set at 2m 38seconds. Er... i doubt we can even do less than 3m but.. let's see...

Peeps for follow me on Twitter will already know this: Tufeil took his first few independent steps over the weekend at 11.5month old.

Ayah was minding Tufeil while i wash the dishes after T's dinner. Ayah just finished praying while holding Tufeil in his arms and afterwards he put T down standing up and he suddenly walked 3 steps to Dad. Ayah quickly called me and put Tufeil in position and he walked to me in a very funny expression. It was a mixture of excitement, horror and triumph! Complete with spreaded arms for balance. I did not catch it on video cos my own arms are busy holding out for him. And i can't describe the feeling for u. It's a proud moment for a mother.

But Tufeil still has a lot of practice to do before he can walk confidently. Firstly, he needs to get up to standing position on his own without our or furniture's support!

@ The Library

Where else? Nan will prolly find the overalls familiar. The shoes are courtesy of Nisa. oh Gosh! I hafta start shopping for Tufeil's shoes. Yayyy!!

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3 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Hahah T mcm abg2 in the picture.

PS - Why is your background super dark blue with black fonts? Hard to read. Or is it me?

Nisa AK said...

wah someone gonna be slim and sexy with all that salsa ;)

btw, am i the only one who cant view ur blog properly? the content on ur blog is like all over the place!!

Jussaemon said...

Hey Ladies. Thanks for the feedback. Been wondering about it myself.

Yeah something wrong with my background. I think they've removed some things. I need to get a new one but been busy. Should be by today.

Blogger also siow. i wasn't able to approve Ashley's comment till a new other comment came in. MEREPEQ