Tufeil News. 11 months.

He is sooooooooo talkative!! He will repeat the words we say... His first word is Car, Bird and Air (malay for water pronounced more like A yer)... So sign of Mummy... but he can pronounce Ca-Ca (that's my nickname).

His favourite consonant is probably K. He can say.... Duck, Tak (no), Nak (Want), Yak (Short for berak - shitting) but only the first work with meaning.

LOL When my mum say... "Tufeil, Tufeil berak eh?" He would make a Berak face. Er... if u can imagine.

Nowadays, he can walk with just one hand holding ours confidently. It used to be both hands.

He loves PLAYING with BOOKS. He would flip flip flip, squeal, shriek, scream then oops... TORN!

Some photos from this morning:


"Who called me...?"

"Oh Mummy! Its you..."

"Hey, what is this box?"

"Oh Tissues! I LOVE Tissues!"


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1 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

His expressions remind me of Hana!