Pengat Pisang aka Bubur Chacha

This dessert is absolutely my favourite in the world! and i suspect Tufeil's too. My mum's version contains Banana, Sweet Potato, Flour and Sago (some kind of jelly?) and is red in colour.

Tufeil and I will make a fabulous team. I will have the banana, he takes the sweet potato as neither of us eat the other.

I already bought the sweet potato and mum bought Banana. Only Pisang Nipah / Pisang kepok (no idea what its called in English) is suitable for this. But mum was too tired to cook. So i pleaded with her to tell me how to do it cos die die i wanted to eat that very night. Lol mengidam lah pulak.

Tragedy One: I think i may have accidently threw away the one potato peeler!!!

So i was struggling skinning the two pieces of Honey Sweet Potato with a normal knife. And then i had to pause a few times cause Tufeil cried being left on the kitchen floor for too long.

When i got back to it, it got somewhat black and i asked Mum is this normal and she said yeah, u hafta do it quickly otherwise it will deteriorate.

So first, i soaked the Sago balls in tap water.

Then boil the sweet potatoes (peeled and cubed) together with the sago balls. Mum said until 3/4 cooked. I had no idea how is that but i think it was about... what? 10min?

Even for this, i got the instruction wrong! TRAGEDY TWO: I accidentally put in the banana too cos i tot Mum said put in everything. But apparently, Bananas go in last cause they go limp quickly.

Poor Bananas. I had to scoop them out.

Next is to strain the boiled sweet potatoes and added fresh water and boil again. This part i'm not sure why. Cause i read that the nutrients will seep out to the water in boiling or steaming process. So if u dont utilise that water, u r basically eating an Empty biscuit, so to speak. But when i ask Mum why, she said this is to remove the "getah" / latex (?) from the vege. *scratch head*

Anyways, dont forget to sprinkle some salt in ur pot!

Mum preparing the tepung.

Just mix flour and water. Not sure if she adds anything else cause i wasn't there when she did.

TRAGEDY 3: I cut them too thick in the initial stage! It will take longer to cook that way! hafta cut in... 2mm at the most! Sheesh!

NExt up are 200ml Coconut Milk and a bag of Red Sugar. lol. literal translation.

I didnt measure the sugar but she said even that amount is not enough and had to add white sugar. For the uninitiated, red sugar gives the wonderful orange colour of the... should i say.. broth?

We missed out Pandan Leaf.

We were waiting for the flour to cook and to add the banana last when the clock struck 9. Tufeil's bedtime! So i went to send him to sleep, when i came out the room, it was dessert time!


Arghhh!! Can't wait to go home and eat this some more. I love to eat them hot. But dont mind cold either.

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4 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

wahh, now u can cook adult food as well! cant wait for u to invite us for dessert :P

Jussaemon said...

Alahhh still not 100% my own hand. Hmmmm oklah oklah... MAYBE i can invite u all when Wana is in S'pore ok? Since she mentioned dont want always in the east! HAHA

Mrs Z said...

no wonder lah i kept on coughing, ada org sebut rupanya :p


and yes, make it in the north/west area for me n jus pls. thank u

Maharani_Az said...

JuS, hmm my mother's versions of Pengat pisang and Bubur Chacha, are two different desserts tau... the former, when my mom and I (yes kita pernah cook pengat pisang yippee!), we use gula melaka...thus it looks kinda browish...

for bubur chacha, it's mainly santan... i.e. w/o gula melaka...