iPhone 3GS Review

So i've had the iPhone for 1.5 week now. And i feel like i've really downgraded myself! Here;s Why:


What the hell?! That is the MINIMUM requirement of mobile phones nowadays ok. I've had video call function for the past FOUR years! Going without one is like ... crippling! I really can't believe Apple is soo... cheapskate!

I googled around and found out that iPhone OS 3.2 will have a video call function. It is now in iPad but of course iPad doesnt have a camera. So i basically hafta buy a new version when it comes out. BAh!

Otherwise, i'll hafta put my sim card in my old Sony Ericsson to do a video call. Thank god i still keep it.

2. Can't Delete or Organise pictures!

After i synchronised my pictures from my pc to phone, i discovered that they are all jumbled up in only ONE FOLDER. I used to have for Eg: Family\2009\"Name of event". Imagine i now have 6226 pictures (4GB's worth) distributed in only 9 folders. DIE!

Worse! I realised that i couldn't even DELETE the synched pictures. So instead, i hafta delete from my pc or uncheck them and synch again. What the!

I can't sort my Camera Roll either! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Freaking irritated!

3. No TAGS in Notes

Again, i hate the non-organised way Apple works. Notes are scattered all over with no form of sorting or categories! You know, like how Palm / Treo does.

Worse still, Notes are in Descending order by DATE amended. Even if i only just VIEW the note without making any change, it will go to the top. It makes it HARD to look for a specific note if i dont remember what date i wrote / amended. I mean... WHO WOULD! *roll eyes!*

At first, i thought ringtones are limited. and lived for a week without a Car Horn for incoming call and Glass for sms. I'm not satisfied with that so i googled around and found this website to customised YOUR OWN RINGTONE! Now That's COOL! It's quite WORDY but if u follow slowly, it works! I especially like that we can cut in the middle of a song.

I was sooo angry with my purchase, I tot I should have just be contented with iTouch because if iPhone is only good for games, then iTouch was enough. But Cuz Nur reminded me of just why i did.

"I dont need Wifi to get internet access to... CHAT or play Lexulous."

And then i calmed down and grateful that i only paid $118 for my phone after a $150 voucher for a recontract.

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