Would You Go & Get This Free Exp Meal?

X'mas is looming and the company is organising a Xmas cum welcoming 2 new colleagues on board cum Paris bosses dept Lunch.

The only problem is, its organised at some fancy French Rest, not halal of course, and i guess with lotsa wine in their food.

I searched the web for an official website for this restaurant at Keong Saik Road but to no avail. I've found reviews tho to give me a hint of the menu. Lotsa meat, even the seafood is accompanied by some meat. And too exotic seafood i don't consume. But get this, people spend min SGD60++ per person! And that's regular period ie not Xmas lunch.

I find myself wanting to go because i have such fun colleagues now to chat around with so i definitely won't feel awkward. But even if i go, i won't enjoy / be satisfied with the food, so what's the point? I dont mind missing out on this expensive free meal. I'd rather have the office to myself to snooze or something. HAHA

The sad thing is, my first ever Xmas with this company, they brought us to Straits Kitchen considering our (mine and the then Master Mariner's) dietary limitation. 2nd yr, they thought i was gonna be away from Spore so didnt consider any halal place. Now that im the only muslim out of 12 pax and with the Paris bosses here, of course even Carousel to them is lowly. Tsk tsk tsk.

While one of my colleagues say it'd be "sian" or maybe a waste not to go.... im not really keen. Should i tell my office mgr in adv not to incl me? Will she think i'm an anti-social?

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6 glasses of Juice:

Lady said...

I can totally feel you. I am the ONLY muslim in my department of 50 over ppl.

They always try to be accomodating to my restrictions, but certain occasion like CNY i will tell them to exclude me so they can have their fancy $$$ dinners.

I will the organising comittee in advance and most of the time they will try to persuade me to go and they'll find somewhere halal, tooo nice of them so i thought i should be nice too and tell them halal places 'no kick' for your CNY dinners!

and well, they didnt think i was anti social, in fact they thanked me for being so gracious =)

seri said...

Kak Jus! sorri didn't tell u about my new blog add. but you found me!! :))
anyway, i think it's more polite to inform them beforehand rather than you follow them and then unable to even touch the food. now that will seem rude.

rina ruzanna said...

which restaurant is it? if you really want to go, then go to some quaint restaurant like eleven @ bussorah which serves halal italian. :) if your paris bosses don't mind lah.

i had a skip level lunch before with my regional VP, at Prego. It's an italian restaurant at swissotel, i asked the people to strictly not put any wine or anything into the food. the waiters and waitresses were actually quite helpful, and even pre-empted me.

They told me the oil is vegetable oil, and they dont reuse the utensils. That was a good experience, they even volunteered to bring me to the Kitchen and look at all the ingredients.

Of course, there's not much meat in italian, so not so bad. haha.

Jussaemon said...

Thanks for ur suggestions guys.

Its called Restaurant Ember? Yeah that time i went to Cafe Del Mar @ Sentosa they treated me well and cooked without wine and stuffs. Did u take a peek at the kitchen? I'd LOVE to! heheh *kepo*

In any case i think ill skip this one ah. Boooring~

butterflyrubrics said...

Oh yes Ember is a really popular "atas" restaurant at chic Hotel 1929.

I just wrote a post on "halal" places to eat on my wordpress, may be useful for your future company functions :)

If you enjoy the company of your colleagues, I suggest going for it, but either have dinner first, or order a seafood dish ala-carte, with specific no pork no lard no alcohol instructions :) or do what I do, have dinner first, then go there just to enjoy the company and indulge in the most expensive dessert (alcohol-free of course) on the house!

Jussaemon said...

Yayyy im soo glad to hear from you!

ok thanks but its gonna be lunch... so maybe i snack before and/or after the chic elegant lunch. LOL. I sure pray there's seafood. i totally forgot about dessert! =)