S/He Kicked Me!

It was 3am. My eyes were only half open. Wondering, "Are these soft nudges the baby's kicks?"

Ever since my last check up some 3 weeks ago, i started feeling something in my tummy... BUt they were either very fast rhythmical beats that i cant imagine a baby could pull or a single quick single poke that was sooo random i cldn't determine what it was actually or if it was even there.

Then i read the weekly pregnancy "growth chart" that between 20 - 22nd week the baby's bone is growing harder so that the kicks will start getting harder now.

It's 3am now. I was lying straight on my back in bed. While im pretty sure the soft nudges were the baby's kicks, i dare not declare nor proclaim it so. To avoid being disappointed if its not.

But suddenly! I involuntarily let out a big gasp. my back arched automatically forward as i did so. Oh my goodness! That was the first real real real real baby kick! Really!!

Oh boy... had trouble going back to sleep again while the baby happily kicking away though it was as hard as that first one. Funny... Seems like he knows what im thinking and trying to shout out to me that he's there! Doing the kicking. =)

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3 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Wow. This must be an exciting time for you. Congratulations!

Nisa AK said...

be prepared for more such kicks cuz the baby gets more restless as it grows, u will find that the baby will be most energetic when ur resting/sleeping hehehe...
talking of kicks, Sameer seems to be under the impression that the stretch marks on my tummy are due to his kicks when he was inside my womb! LOL

Jussaemon said...

Tell Sameer its bcos of his hair that tickled ur tummy n made u scratch. Is it true if i scratch other areas say... calves, i will get stretch marks there too??