Ok bear with me.

Friday was my poly check up. After registration, had to do blood test and GLUCOSE TEST!!!

I had NO CLUE whatsoever how it'd be so i was kinda surprised to be given an Orange flavoured dextrose 250ml bottle. The first few sips were even nice. But after that, i gotta know that i had to finish it within 5 short minutes and i could only take AT MOST a cup of water with that. Furthermore i had to continue my fast for another 2 hours, take 2nd blood test @ 12:50pm and THEN can go have my lunch.

The last few drops made me slightly woozy and nauseous. Thankfully, i declined the straw as i thought gulping it down straight from the bottle would be faster. Fortunately also, there were no other patients at the moment, so the nurses cheered me on.

At the nurse's room, i found out i gained 3kg from last visit!!! not good not good. You are only supposed to gain 2kg a month. At this rate, I'm sure to cross the 70kg boundary very soon. Yikes! The nurse asked if ive been taking a lot of sweet things. I told her yes i've been eating a lot of ice cream and chocolates even tho i dont fancy them much before but that 1 McD's Sundae can last me 2 days. But even at that she sounded appalled! I should only be having sweet treats like just twice a week =( Luckily its not that fierce malay elderly nurse. But this is a young chinese nurse who is about 8 months pregnant herself! So i take it all in with a smile.

I complained that i can't squat now with the pain at the ball of my feet. The doctor took a look and confirmed its slightly swollen. Oh My.

After that is listening to heartbeat. Doc commented that tummy size is good. SURPRISED i was. I tot my tummy was tooo small! And baby has moved up slightly above belly button now.

I waited for another 30min outside the doc's room to go thru my 1st blood test. My haemoglobin index is still in the red and was down by 0.3 units. However, the gynae was not too much alarmed cos its a minute change in reading that might be due to blood dilution (more blood being produced in my body) but reminded me to take the iron tablets DAILY.

The results of 2nd blood test and the Glucose test will only be available when i come next month. Erghhh too long to wait!

Paid $38.

We had lunch at KFC. =) we simply Love the KFC at Fuchun CC. Very cosy. And mostly staffed by the deaf and/or mute. Zubair was surprised when i stopped by Champion bakery and bought 3 diff buns on the way to the mrt. He said, "You can still eat?!?!" Well why not? He finished half of my popcorn chicken! :P

So this is the 2nd part of the day's exciting appointments. Now we are on the quest to go to NUH to see our darling baby for the first time!

There was supposed to be a shuttle from Buona Vista MRT. When we reached there at 3pm (appt at 3.45pm), we tot we've made good time only to find out that due to constructions surrounding the station, the shuttle is now available from Dover MRT, a station away which we had already passed earlier. To make things worse the queue was super long and the bus so small that we reckoned it'd take another 3 trips before we could board! Decided to take the cab then.

We reached the AnteNatal Diagnostic Centre on time. But there were a lot of pple there so we or rather Z drank his tea while i had another one of my buns at the nearby cafeteria. Back in there, we had been waiting for quite some time that when suddenly my name was called, i panicked!

I felt very nervous as she sprayed gel on my tummy. Oh no is it gonna hurt? I have no idea. At all. But i had not much time to dwell on it, soon we could see 2 arms and 2 legs and head of our 22 weeks old baby! The gender was very prominent. Z requested to see the face and insisted the nose is like mine! ape jer. And the lady spent a lot of time on the heart observing that all is well.

We were given two pictures.

The other one is of the face. I didnt scan that as its quite diff to make out anyways. I said to Nisa, "Even in tummy, very cute already." To that she said that im a typical mummy! hahaha ok ok i hafta admit i am lah. But but But isnt the head and the tummy just so.... cuddly?? It weighs 450gm now.

After the actual scan, it was standard procedure to see the hospital's doctor. He said everything is normal, limbs, organs, blood, as well as growth is good. Alhamdulillah. All personnels were asking if i were gonna give birth there at NUH. i said no i prefer @ KK. Doc asked why. I said cos its near my dad's office. He laughed. Nothing to do with anything. Well perhaps but i like it there. Looks new n seems to have most things related to baby and mummy. So he advised to get my poly gynae to refer me to hosp ASAP to familiarise myself w the hosp. Too right he is! I shall tell her then.

Paid $95

Zubair was sooo excited, he called Ammi right there n then at the hosp! While me smsed the family members. All of us are ecstatic and grateful to be having a......

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10 glasses of Juice:

nadia said...

Congratulations all over again! You're right when you said your baby is cute already, hehehe. Wish you both and the baby all the happiness in the world :)

Jussaemon said...

Thank u thank u thank u. =D

And i wish u good luck~ *wink*

Lady said...

girl or boy?!!

i'm dying to know!

Taufiq Zainal said...

This must be a really exciting time for you and Zubair! Congratulations once again.

Boy or girl? The suspense is killing me!!!

Jussaemon said...

Hehe... i've been requested not to publicize the gender. But try to look for hints here n there lah =)

Anonymous said...

i know i know!

its a _______ :pp hehe


Nisa AK said...

i know also!!!! those who really cant take the curiosity can pay me a sum for the answer :P

fara said...

i also know! he... he..

butterflyrubrics said...

if gender is VERY prominent as you said, then its not v hard to guess already.


Jussaemon said...

hahha you got my hint. =D Thanks!!