S'pore Flyer Date Turned Into....

It's Tuesday again and we got to go out~! Hoorayyy

The plan was to go to Singapore Flyer because i got 15% discount coupon from AIA for upcoming Bday (i know, lame) as well as an upgrade to express boarding. Thought that 6.45 would be just nice to board for 30min...

When i met Zubair at Esplanade and asked to look at the coupon, he put on a straight face and said, "I didnt bring." He was always teasing me like that that i thought he was kidding about it too this time. Alas, he really didnt bring it!

Ok so we decided we were not fated to board the flyer that day and went to the library instead and borrowed 5 DVDs.

Zubair had an idea to go have dinner at Clarke Quay... but i had to turn down the idea cos my feet cldn't take it anymore and suggested Marina Square foodcourt instead. Thankfully he was happy with the idea cos the Indian stall makes nice chappati. Yayyy Win Win situation.

After that we really just hung out... looking at wallets, shoes, and stuffs. It's a miracle that i know how to window shop now. And then my feet started screaming again to sit down. So we took the opportunity to indulge in some ....

ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!

Tembamness!!!! (Chubbiness!!)
OMG, what is it with me and ice cream??? Simply can't get enough of them. Hafta punctuate meals with them. Tsk tsk tsk *shake head*

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1 glasses of Juice:

erin said...

Mmmm the ice cream looks yummy ~! I love it when they put something on top like strawberry or choco piece, but thats uncommon in Canada :p