First Night Out As A Free Wife

The first to a start of Going Outs at Nights without Zubair...

Me and Ash, 1st sis, went to to Orchard to enjoy a free Foot Spa trial @ TruSpa.

Actually it was supposed to be an eye treatment for me and a back massage for Zubair that he badly needed. But we kept postponing the appointment for the last 2 months cos we were too lazy to get up early or whatever silly reasons. Now that he's started working and no chance to go at all, i decided to bring the sis instead to get rid of the lady who always call to follow up.

We were required to fill in a form when we got there. And cocked up they did. They kept getting The choice of my free treatment wrong and they had scheduled me for a back massage! 1. i DONT like being massaged. 2. I'm pregnant! I dont wanna be touched by the "professional" And then they had to break a bad news to me that the eye treatment lady was on medical leave so i had no choice to do the foot Spa... Again.

Me & Zubair had tried their foot spa before and which i wrote about here. But i might as well do the same treatment so i could chat with the sis.

It turned out to be horrible hurried job. PLUS the massage function on the chair i was on didnt work anymore. ERGH

Then we were forced to put up with this newbie "spa consultant" who un-interestedly tried to get us to buy a package THERE & THEN. We tried to tell her we are waiting for our bonus in Dec (liar liar pants on fire!) then she just kept talking giving lower options bla bla bla.

She opened with a SGD 3k Free & Easy package with $4050 worth of credit that can be "shared" between 2 pple. Then she lowered to 2k plan.. and then she tried to get us to buy a $200 x 6 items of something.

At this point i stopped listening. But sis said, "Oh i think this credit system is a good idea... but i dont know if its for me cos i work in the west so its quite far for me." To our great surprise, this silly lady began lecturing us about being Sincere. If we're sincere we would commit. Just as she also lives in the far west end willing to go all the way to Tampines for her spa.

"Hold on a second, babe," I felt like telling her, "Eh Hello. We're talking about SPA treatments, not a school or job that we're responsible for. Who cares about sincerity? It's the convenience that we want. We can choose any spa that we like. And you're not doing a good job of impressing us!"

But because Sis felt obligated to stay polite, we meekly continued to listen to her useless persuasions until she decided her game was up.

I felt a bit apologetic afterwards like i had subjected my sis to a 20min lecture when all we wanted was a free foot spa which turned out mediocre at best.

Oh well... at least we were hanging out, rather than working like some people i know. *wink*

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2 glasses of Juice:

erin said...

I have been in the EXACT same situation! Almost. I had some gift certificate for a spa treatment, so I think I had a facial... and then after there was SO much pressure to buy some sort of product... but the girl was very persuasive and I caved and bought an exfoliator and this thing you add to face moisturizer to make it extra moisturizing. Worked prty good tho :)

Jussaemon said...

oh sheesh. hope it didnt cost too much.

The Rule is always to go to this free thingy when you've no money! so even if you wanna cave in, you CAN'T! HA HA