Urban Bites Part 2

2 working days after visiting this mediterranean restaurant for the first time, we decided to come back and try other stuffs.

Moutabal $7
Lebanese bread $3 for 3 halves
I thought the moutabal (made of eggplants which I raved about during my Syria trip) was a bit creamy and heavy. It has a slight yellow/green tinge too when most of the ones I ate were plain white.
Their Snack - Chicken pide $5
Very unlike Turkish Cafe's pides (pee-day?). They were sour with too many diced onions (hate them) and no visible cheese (love them).
Ash's Beef Shawarma. She couldn't eat it and traded with me

I had to dissect it and picked my way thru it
There were pickles, tomato and fries in this wrap. I removed the tomato and pickles (vegephobic altho tomato is not really a vege) but still it was too.... sour for my liking. We deduced that it was the tahini sauce (white stuff on the beef strips, also an ingredient in the moutabal) that's ruining everything! I gave up trying to eat any of that. Instead I tore pieces of the unmutilated bread to eat w the moutabal.

I guess, we're all not foreign-tongued after all~ haha.

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