Le Masquerade

Fri, 15th July 2011,

After months of preparation, the night finally came and gone. Phew~

But what I don't get is why everybody kept saying it was a good night, everything went smoothly? To me, it was the worst D&D ever and everything went wrong for me!!!

Firstly, after spending $97 at Dorothy Perkins for what i thought was a great dress turned out to be a very dull and drab (cotton sundress) amidst all the shiny and glittery dresses of my peers. SOB SOB SOB.

See! I was the dullest looking! Dgn tudung yg berserabai!
And then, my malay colleague who was supposed to accompany my French colleague to sit at the Halal table bailed on me. I went a bit frantic trying to get him on another table bcos our dept's table was full, until someone pointed out that there's no use to change since he also wouldn't know anybody else. He was a good sport eating the Malay dishes and getting to know the ladies.

YIKES!!! And I did really really terribly at the singing competition, damn it! There were 8 contestants. I identified a few good ones. I reckon it would be a tough fight among the Top 3. As it turned out, The Idol prolly got about 50% of the votes, 2nd place got about 37.% while i got 12.5%. Judging is based purely on audience votes.

Don't get me wrong, i'm very happy for the winner. She has a very very sweet voice. My angst lies on my poor performance at the most crucial moment. Gosh. I still squirm when I think about it, when I watch the video. VOMIT VOMIT! I feel sooooo utterly embarassed! It's prolly only thanks to my loyal fans (The Recclubbers, My dept, The Halal Table and this one other table) that I managed 3rd place.

I guess the event itself went quite smoothly. For example: there were no screw ups at the Registration Table making a long line of Queue like last year's. But what the non-organisers didn't see were:

1. One of the pre-event activities, Air Brush Tattoo, came super duper late.

2. And then I don't know why we started about 30mins later than expected that we had to scrap a couple of the emcee games to make up for it.

I know plans are just plans... just don't word it as something it's not.

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