Sameer the Bhai "Kentot"

Sat, 23rd July 2011.

So boring today my parents and 2nd sister's family went to Malacca for 1N. Luckily, Tufeil woke up only at 11am so that's like half a day gone. And Ash was not working that day so we went out for lunch at Breeks.

Afterwards, I managed to squeeze in a visit to Nisa and Sameer the Bhai just for fun. Also because there's a direct bus to her house, it's easy. The not so easy part was, Tufeil fell asleep just 5min before destination so I had to carry him... add to that, I alighted one bus stop earlier so I hafta walk further. (Arms still aching.)

Tufeil was amused by Sameer's Cars Bedsheet. Thank you Nisa for the lovely green banana custard which T loved.

Tufeil giggling at Sameer Bhai making fart sound. Actly he giggled loudest after I hit the Stop button. Always happens to me.

We left at 5pm but T still wanted to play and we stopped by at the playground nearby. T and I waited about 5 whole min at the bus stop and I was amazed that I could keep him still, most of the time.

Unfortunately, it was a single decker bus this time around. But the funny thing was, there were two kids seated behind us and T totally made friends with them. He taught them the phrase "Shiver me timbers" from that new Pirate cartoon on Disney Junior. and they in turn taught him "Yio Chu kang". It was so funny looking at them entertaining each other.

It was promptly maghrib when we reached the door to the house. As we went in, Tufeil was 5 steps behind me. The moment I stepped in my room, he screamed and cried! My heart beat quickly and I rushed out to see him and I don't know why but I also screamed! I snapped out of it and hugged Tufeil and looked around... Oh! There's a lizard on the wall! If you know me, you'd know that i'm terrified of lizards too! But I hafta be the adult at the moment and "rescue" Tufeil by running quickly into our room. We waited until the lizard ran away than we were able to get showered and dinner.

The whole night and until now, I pondered on his scream. It doesn't sound like he saw a lizard. Normally, he wldn't scream like that. He sounded really scared. I imagine he saw something else but that it ran away when I screamed at it? *shrug*

Ini gara2 Hairiah lah cerita kat Whatsapp pasal benda ghaib. Sampai skrg kita asyik teringat2 ajer... :P

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