Dear Readers,

By the time you read this post, I would be thousands of miles away. Me & Tufeil and my parents are travelling somewhere cool. We'll be back by Xmas Eve. I don't suppose there would be any internet connections there as our hotels are prolly 3-stars only =( (budget, babe!).

One thing I can't stress enough is how nervous and anxious I am about this trip with regards to how T will behave all those 10days. The last time we took a plane, he was one year younger, not walking as yet. Now that he can walk, talk and yet doesn't have a seat nor able to put in bassinet, I really wonder how our 7-8hr flight will be. Both to and fro flights are through the night, so hopefully that should help him to "sleep".

I just went back from the money changer. I really really don't have a knack for currency exchange, man. Call myself analytical and strong in numbers. Aiyooo!! What I don't understand is: if i wanna change SGD to USD, would a 1.301 rate be better than 1.308? I really couldn't grasp the concept, I just went to the counter will least queue. BHAHAHAHAHA!! PLUS! I also print out Oanda's Traveller's cheatsheet.

So, I see you all in 2 weeks time, i suppose. Hope to bring back LOADSSSS of pictures!

Ya Allah, let our journey be safe and smooth and let us return safely. Ameen.

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Nadia said...

Have a safe journey and hope you all have a fantastic time, inshaAllah. We'll be here waiting for pictures when you return :)