Malacca Wedding Weekend

Fri 3rd Dec 2010.

The last Roadtrip was 5 months ago to KL. Tufeil was only 15month old and was slightly more manageable. With his more demanding and restless nature coming out, I was pretty nervous at the prospect of 4 hours in the car and couped up in the hotel for long periods. So I armed myself with two toys: a Truck and a musical Alphabet thingy majigy.

My Cousin Nur is having her other wedding celebration in Malacca with the groom's family.

Went out at 11am and caught up with the bride's family sans the bride who had their "first nights" there. LOL

We stopped at ... was it called Pagoh or Machap? The Nice Rest & Relax with Baskin Robin?

Quick! Eat it before it drips!

I spy the truck he went around with. I have Syifaa's picture at this same spot some 2years ago.

There were some issues with accomodation. So from Holiday Inn, we ended up at good old Emperor Hotel @ SGD60 a night.

"Hello? Dah."

That's his common conversation when he picks up the phone to pretend-call me.

Dinner @ Tesco food court. Very disappointing esply for Mummy who ordered Kway Teow Bandung that tasted like vomit!?

With Uncle Ben

Some grocery shopping in case we got hungry in the middle of the night. LOL!

Drypers Drypantz was RM 35.99 for 36pcs. Not worth it, I'd say.

w Nenek Girl.

While waiting for our snacks from Marry Brown (VERY SUPER SLOW SERVICE but LOVE the fish nuggets), we sent T on this remote control car:

RM3 for 5minutes

Tufeil was okay for the first minute or so until the car started jerking because of some frequency interruption on the remote control and he started crying "TAK NAKKK~~~" in that whiney tone.

It was close to midnight when we reached the hotel and I sent Tufeil to sleep right away. Good thing he already had two naps in the car on the way over totalling 3hours. But it was SOOOOO difficult settling him down maybe due to these reasons. Don't know maybe blocked nose or unfamiliar surrounding or extreme tiredness or what.

We (T, Ash and I) had the KING bed while at the conjoined room, Mummy and ayah had the twin beds because I doubt T and I can fit on the single bed now. Hehe... Thank you for your sacrifice.

Day Two

Me & Ash skipped Bfast due to the late night we had. Actly Ash didn't even realise she had waved mummy off when she tried to wake us up. Me, I'm a very light sleeper. Nonetheless, by 8.30am, we were all awake by the crying Tufeil. He was extremely upset that he couldn't watch Doraemon on Youtube on my iPhone. I tried to explain that its ROSAK (spoilt) but he threw his tantrum anyway.

He LOVES the watch the fishes in this small "pond" by the lobby.

He would squeal with sheer delight at the sight of them.
The Groom's house is about 45min drive away. We reached about 11am and waited for the Kompang (percussion) group to arrive so we can officially escort the bride & groom into the house.

There they are.

For the record, we are hoping the bestman (Cousin Ee - Nur's bro) and the bridesmaid (nur's bestfriend) will hook up with each other. hahaha They make a cute couple methinks.

Cake Cutting.

Wah the cake also matched the outfit sey

It was raining slightly the whole time. But we didn't bother with umbrella.

Cousin Ben and I sang one song together Seiring dan Sejalan. I said to him, "Tak dpt karaoke, nyanyi kat sini pon jadilah~" LOL

Tufeil was crying not wanting to go into the house (crowded). I found something to distract him with. A LEECH. It was sooo cute moving up and down and the feelers pointing out. hahaha Tufeil was soooo amazed by it! Shame I didn't get to snap a pic.

We left some 2.5hours later. Parents made a pitstop to a Pak Long's house while we snoozed in the car. Then we just hung around back at the hotel.

Tired of hanging around in the room, we went to the lobby to play.

We explored the "spa" but it was very very dodgy. Hint: Mostly male clients. Only traditional massage, no body scrub.

After maghrib, we went out for dinner at Mahkota Parade. I think the place is just sad. I thought they would have updated the look by now. We only had dessert had Baskin Robin (AGain!! I'm getting sick of it) and bought some nuggets to go.

Tufeil was running around after he was tired of the ice cream. He wandered around in a watch shop just opposite to where we were seating. I let him, while watching him like a hawk. I was holding my cone so I didn't wanna go in unless I really had to extricate him. Then Ash noticed the guy started tailing T and wiping after him and told me to bring T out. If left to my own devices, I would think it is THEIR job to keep their shop clean. Why should my son be restricted by it? They didn't even ask him to leave. I couldn't care less.

Tonight, I was a bit wiser. I let him hang on to his toy while nursing even though the loud sound might stir his drowsiness away. Because the previous night, I kept trying to peel it away from him and he went mad! So only when I was pretty sure he is safely in Dreamland did i pry the toy so he could lie on the bed properly.

Unfortunately, he woke up two hours later at midnight crying. This time, I was in deep sleep that Ash had to nudge me HAHA. (Also bcos T was bugging Ash not me - TETTT Wrong mummy). And I discovered T was wet!!!!! I was sooo blur I let him wail in the dead of the night for a full minute wondering what should I do.

In the end, I resigned to changing him amidst his screams. He refused to stand up. I really really had no energy to entertain this kind of tantrum, so I was relieved when Mum popped in and helped to hold him while i did the cleaning. Poor kid sampai tersedu2. I spreaded a towel over the wet area and covered with another layer of blanket and went back to sleep.


We went down for Bfast only to be greeted by Nasi Lemak, poor quality sausages (I know my sausages ok). That was the only thing I ate. The rest are boiled eggs, baked beans, mee goreng, toasts and 1 type of cereal, 2 types of fruits. Ok what do you expect from a 3 star hotel. Bah!

Afterwards, we went swimming!!! Yayyy. Most unfortunately, I forgot to bring Tufeil's swimming diaper. So i thought just wear the normal one. But it got sooooo full and heavy the staff there asked me to remove it. so he was er.... a free agent for 1.5hours. Thank god he didn't poop in the pool!!!! HAHAHAHA

We got late check out at 1.30pm and went to Mahkota Parade to get our fill of Kenny Rogers. Hmmm did we get bigger or the serving is just TINY?! RM18 for 1/4 chicken and 3 sides. Service was EXTREMELY slow too. Ash said she wanted to write to Mr Kenny Rogers how this branch is embarrassing him to no end! hahahah

Tufeil showing me the burning fire of the rotisserie.

It was past 4pm by the time we finally moved off towards the expressway. Stopped by the 2nd link R&R where ....

T had fun catching the many cats and kittens around

and we didn't reach home till 10.30pm! Thank god I only have exam tmrw and no need to come in to the office. Say what?! EXAM?! Oh no I only read 1 chapter out of 6 during this trip!

PS: Did you notice that there's no picture of me?!?!?! Only of Tufeil with other people. SOB SOB SOB

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