Dec Holiday - Clothes

11th & 12th Dec 2010.

I didn't have a clue of what to wear and how's the weather like in the countries we were going to visit. I checked the weather forecast. All 3 countries averaged 15deg Celcius during the day. But that still told me nothing.

So i consulted a friend who lived in Jerusalem for a year following her husband's attachment. She said that all we needed in December was a light jacket / cardigan. Unless you are in the hilly area, its not THAT cold, she said. But that it rains quite a lot so don't forget the brolly. Also they don't sell pull-up diapers there, so bring all you've got!

On the other hand, the Boss was in Amman and it was SNOWING!!! The Boss' wife was generous enough to lend us a few baby things: 1 winter jacket, 1 thick onesie, 2 jumpers, and 2 wool hats. I wasn't sure Tufeil'd need them but I brought them just in case. And I still felt like I needed to bring the WHOLE WARDROBE! hahaha

That's all Tufeil's
On top of the borrowed clothes above, I actually recorded the number of articles I packed for T:
  1. 1 whole packet of Drypers DryPantz (36pcs) + loose pcs in the bags.
  2. 5 leggings - which we ended up washing 2 to wear another day. He already had 2, I just bought 3 new ones
  3. 5 jeans / overall
  4. 2 sets of double pants (meaning 2 pants to wear together) probably for sleepwear
  5. 10 long sleeved shirts (mixed day and sleep wear)
  6. 5 long sleeves bodysuit (2 with hoods)
  7. 4 short sleeves bodysuits (to wear as inner shirt)
  8. 3 sleep suits (one is the fleece one from Pak)
  9. 2 zipped up JACKETS - turned out one of them is a bit too small from a year ago and made him look a bit girly so didn't wear!

It also turned out that we didn't wear the double pants at all. Neither did we wear a lot of the short sleeved just the hooded ones. The jumpers, we wore each 3 times!!! And I thought we wouldn't NEED it. BAH!

As for me, I also had no idea what to wear! All my clothes are thin materials. I had to refer to my Pakistan trip's pictures to remember what I wore last time in winter. I discovered that I wore a lot of punjabi suits with inner shirts and inner pants and than cover with jackets all the way. So I decided to invest in one.

Immediately, I went out to Causeway Point to get the Purple jacket from Coldwear that I was eyeing for but thought didn't need. $79. I wore it everyday as you can see in the pictures. Cheh! Makes it look like I didn't change clothes!

Then when I was there, i noticed that most of them wore a very thick for winter jubah-long jackets. If i were to go there again, I think i'll buy one of that. If I recall correctly it was about Syrian POund 2000 = USD 46 thereabouts.

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