We Shifted Office!

28th Nov 2011

After almost a year of nervous "anticipation", we finally shifted office across the street. We are the anchor tenant and have the naming rights to this building.

There are pros and cons to this new place, but one thing's for sure, I am sorely missing the old office. Here's a few reasons why:

Old Desk

This may look a bit impersonal because I had already packed all my stuffs

New desk
 A colleague aptly described the move from an Executive Apartment to a 3 room flat!
Bosses and us siting all in one row -_-
Cabinet cum walkway

In short, its very very terribly OPEN!
Old single cubicle toilet

One of the old cubicles with a ledge that I used to rest my head on to catch a wink or two

New sinks

They may look classy but another colleague said its too small that it creates lotsa splashes on the floor when we brush our teeth or take ablution

Well, at least there's one cubicle fitted with a washing facility

Old pantry

Futher inside

MASSIVE new pantry complete with microwave, real fridge and HUGE TV!

Ok so far, the only thing i'm loving is this pantry.

This new site is certainly "near" to the mrt bcos it is linked underground the train station, and there are many (almost 20?) restaurants and food shops at level 1 and B1 of our building... unfortunately, only 2 are halal and other shops selling fruits and yogurt or coffee that we can patronise. And because they are restaurants, they cost at least $10 for lunch -_- I miss my Dudu Cafe... I can get $1 meals if I want to!

We don't have good bus stop here too whereas we had 2 stops to choose from before and both equally near and convenient.

Ok ok... one another thing to be thankful for is... We have a "proper" place to pray now. I used to pray in my meeting room, that's ok it's comfortable but sometimes it is in use and I had to use the bigger meeting room with see-thru glass panels or use the stairs. Here, the cleaners offer us the use of the tea room with a huge sink to do our wudhu' and we can even lock it! Now, I can pray at ease instead of constantly hoping (even in the midst of prayer) that no one will enter the meeting room. HAHA.

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