How I Met My "Angel"

Some of you may have seen this photo on my FB - but this will be the full story of how I discovered this gem.

I still remember that fateful day 3rd of October 2011, my first sister, Ashley, begged and begged me to go with her to Wellness Express Studio (just across the street) for moral support on her first liquid lunch. I was totally dragging my feet to go there because I wanted to eat REAL FOOD. But because I'm a *cough* good *cough* sister, I followed along.

I just listened to what her coach shared with me about the benefit of good nutrition.. How the aloe concentrate mixed with water helps to clean your internal system, and how 500ml of their thermogenic tea is equivalent to running twice around the tracks. I did not doubt the product. What I doubted was the taste and whether it could truly keep me full. I did the free health evaluation but walked away free.

As time goes, Ashley updated me how she's been going there every lunch time that she was available and how she had lost 1kg after a few drinks. And the bell started ringing for me and i thought, "Why not just give it a shot? You've run out of other options. Slimming centre is too expensive. Don't have time for gym. Cant take slimming pills cos not BFing safe."

With that, I bought a 10-day membership pass to drink the shake-tails (chocolate/vanilla/tropical base shake + assortment of fruits) for lunch. After my 5th session, I discovered I actually lost 1kg! I actually was still not entirely convinced. I mean weighing yourself in the morning, you will often find you are 1kg lighter before breakfast. so 1kg was like... nothing.

And then they started bugging me to enter the Weight Loss Challenge to potentially win $1,000 / $500 / $100 / $50 / $50. You have nothing to lose, just fats! The reason why I was so reluctant was because I'm afraid I'd be lazy to make my shakes in the morning. I like drinking it for lunch when OTHER people made it for me. But what one of the operators told me kinda sink in, "You just need to work hard the first 3 - 6 months. After you've reached your ideal weight, you just need to maintain..." I took another couple of session to finally sign up for the WLC.

To make a long story short, I lost 5kg and 3% body fat by the end of the 1-mth challenge. I did not win but I still walked away happier than ever having lost so much and stayed motivated throughout the process, thanks to my sisters and my coach.

That was end of November. December was my "off" month due to my 2 weeks holiday to Turkey and Spain (To be blogged!!!). Surprisingly I maintained my weight with just one shake a day but A LOT of eating! I've lost a further 2kg as of today. and have another 6kg to go till 55kg.

I'm VERY DETERMINED to be healthy! *wink*

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